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Age of MCU: 6 Reasons Iron Man Was The Perfect Start For The MCU

2008 was a marvelous year for comic book films, mainly because it kicked off the beginning of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Although the concept of shared fictional universes was nothing new at the time, the MCU stepped up the game by demonstrating just how awesome it can be to have a series of films intertwining and intersecting into one large storyline.

In 2008, we were graced with the amazing film known as Iron Man, which turned out to be one of the greatest superhero movies ever. Little did anyone know that this one film would be the start of a multi-million-dollar franchise that would last well into the next decade and beyond. But what was it about Iron Man that was so extraordinary? Why was this film the perfect beginning for the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Let’s take a look at some of the finer details.

6. It Was Simple


A major problem with movie adaptations of books or comics is that some key elements of the source material are often forgotten. This leads to a sub-par film that often leaves audiences confused unless they have read the source material first. The great thing about Iron Man was that it perfectly adapted the world of Marvel into an understandable and relatable medium. The film was your basic origin story with the standard plot development and character introduction. There was no fancy symbolism at every corner or a huge sub-plot that required people to do research. Even if you’ve never picked up a comic book, you could watch the film and understand it. But don’t let the simplicity fool you; Iron Man was also awesome because…

5. It Was Perfect For Novice And Pro Marvel Fans


You can’t forget about the loyal fans when adapting a book. There are people who wait years to see their favorite stories come to the big screen, and they deserve to behold its glory. Marvel Studios knew what it was doing when creating Iron Man. It didn’t dumb the movie down to the core; it made itself accessible to a vast audience, from the average movie-goer, to the hardcore Marvel fans. I still remember stepping into the movie theater thinking that it would be another average superhero film that would be decent at best. I walked out with my mind exploding with amazement. All the Easter Eggs sprinkled across the movie were enough to get me excited. To this day, I still get chills down my spine during the after-credit scene when Nick Fury shows up and says he’d like to talk about the Avenger Initiative…

4. It’s Based On The Perfect Hero


Many people had doubts about Iron Man when it was first announced. Sure, people knew who he was, but he wasn’t as universally recognized as Spider-Man or Captain America. I always thought this was a shame because Iron Man is actually one of the coolest characters in Marvel. Tony Stark himself has such a rich, detailed background, and he’s the core of outstanding Marvel events such as the founding of the Avengers and the outbreak of the superhero civil war. It’s amazing that he never got more love. I personally think Iron Man was always overshadowed by Batman (the similarities between the two are numerous). It’s obvious that people love Batman more, so it’s understandable that Iron Man would get swept under the rug. Thankfully, Marvel Studios pulled that rug back, dusted the suit off, and threw it on the big screen for all of us to enjoy.

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