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Age of MCU: 4 Interesting (But Bullshit) Theories About The MCU

What good is a fandom if you can’t come up with interesting theories? No matter what you’re into, whether it’s Harry Potter, Doctor Who, or comic books, there are always bound to be numerous fan theories to keep you entertained and intrigued. With the rising popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the years, fans have already begun putting together thoughts and ideas that have caught our attention. After some lengthy scouring across the Internet, here are four interesting, yet bullshit theories about the MCU.

4. Guardians of the Galaxy Is… A Game?

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Tumblr is great for finding trivia and fun facts about virtually any fandom, and Marvel is no exception. One tumblr user actually came up with a theory that Guardians of the Galaxy is really just a role-playing game being played by the Avengers. Obviously, this theory is completely bogus when you realize how silly it is, but it’s still a very clever concept. It makes even more sense when you look at the multitude of similarities between the two groups. I would slightly modify the Tumblr theory, though, to better fit the characters. If the Avengers really were playing a table-top RPG as the Guardians, I think Steve Rogers would be Star-Lord due to their similar leadership roles, Tony Stark would be the smart-ass Rocket Raccoon, Bruce Banner would play Groot since he reflects the same attributes as the Hulk, Black Widow would play Gamora because they’re both deadly assassins, and Thor would act as the somewhat clueless and quirky Drax. Which I guess leaves Hawkeye to be Yondu? They both have arrows, so it works, right?


3. Adam Warlock is Star-Lord’s Father

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James Gunn has clarified that the cocoon we saw in the Collector’s museum in Guardians of the Galaxy definitely belonged to Adam Warlock. By the end of the film, the cocoon is burst open, meaning Adam escaped to God-knows-where. Gunn has also stated that we’ll find out more about Peter Quill’s father in the sequel, and that his lineage will not be the same as in the comics. A popular theory going around is that Adam Warlock is actually the father of Peter. This could be one reason as to why Peter was able to hold onto the Infinity Stone for so long whereas other characters could not. Also, remember at the end of the film, the Nova Corps determined that Peter is half-human and half-alien. That alien race is ancient, and something they’ve never seen before. While Adam Warlock is known for being an artificially-created being, there is a chance he harbors some ancient alien DNA, which he could’ve passed on to his potential son.

2. The Red Skull isn’t dead

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I’m a bit surprised at the popularity of this theory. There are legions of fans who strongly believe that the Red Skull isn’t dead. At the end of Captain America: The First Avenger, he is “killed” by the Tesseract, but it’s funny that we never physically see his body get destroyed. It essentially disappears, never to be seen or mentioned again. It’s confirmed that the Tesseract was an Infinity Stone, so it could’ve done to the Red Skull what another Stone did to the Collector’s servant in Guardians of the Galaxy, meaning he is dead. But here’s the kicker: in the comics, the Red Skull is reincarnated around the events of Civil War. He’s actually pretty integral to the post-war plot. Obviously, Marvel Studios could work around this detail if need be, but given how strange the circumstances are around his supposed death, we may not have seen the last of the Red Skull, and this theory could be true after all.

1. Stan Lee is Uatu the Watcher


Possibly the most outrageous, yet the most popular theory spreading through the Internet like wildfire is that Stan Lee is Uatu the Watcher himself. The Watchers are supernatural beings stationed across the Marvel Universe, tasked with monitoring the activities of sentient life-forms. Uatu is in charge of watching over Earth and our solar system. With Stan Lee’s cameo in almost every single Marvel movie, it’s not unusual for people to to assume that he’s Uatu in various disguises. Unfortunately, the big problem with this theory is in regards to movie rights. It’s one thing if Lee showed up in just Marvel Cinematic Universe films, but he’s been in Sony and Fox movies as well. From my understanding, Marvel holds the rights to Uatu, so Lee could very well be the character in regards to the MCU. However, once we venture into the X-Men and Fantastic Four films, the theory goes out the door. That is, unless the movie studios are planning something that the fans don’t know about…

Fan theories are always fun to think about, but they hardly ever come to fruition. I’m sure that many more theories will pop up as we head deeper into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. And who knows? Maybe one of the aforementioned theories will turn out to be true…

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