REVIEW: Age of Revolution #4

Smoking is a filthy habit, as we are reminded at the start of Age of Revolution #4. Aside from the fact that said character is not a fan of smoking the rest of the issue does not offer too much in the way of characterisation throughout its brief length.

The comic’s major downside is that it’s all too confusing, with the pace rarely slowing down enough to breath or give the reader a chance to understand what’s going on. The plot’s something to do with the forces of magic and science waging war and a giant whale floating above a city or something. Granted that you need to have read the previous three issues to fully understand the story but more explanation would still have been appreciated.

Anyway, the main crux of the story goes something like this: our hero needs to infiltrate the giant floating whale dropship thing in order to perform a rescue mission, but is forced to do battle with a crazy demonic witch creature who wants revenge on him for killing her son.


On the plus side, the manga style artwork continues to work its charm, perfectly suiting the dark fantasy world that the story inhabits. It ultimately ends up being the series’s strongest quality, giving it a stylish and distinct quality. And while close-up shots are rare, the character faces are a real treat, showing a mostly anime flavour with some western style artwork thrown in for good measure. The action sequences also all have that anime style craziness that makes the medium so popular.

Not including the cover and title pages, the issue comes in at thirteen pages, hardly enough to allow for a complex plot or character development but working fast with the fast paced action. Ultimately what we end up with feels more like all too brief a section of a larger story rather than a substantial addition to the plot, but with that considered, it does what it says on the tin. We get witches, gun battles and the promise of more to come. Although we don’t get much in the way of plot or character development, what we do get is crazy, fun and satisfying enough.

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