Red Ash Project from Megaman Creator now on KickStarter

Megaman is, without a doubt, the most famous superhero ever to originate from Japan (sorry, Mario, Luffy and Naruto arn’t superheroes). So the news that Megaman creator Keiji Inafune is working on a spiritual successor should get all superhero fans hyped.

The game will be called Red Ash, and will be set in a future where humanity has been driven to the brink after a robot world war, it will follow 16 year old hero Beck, who may be mankind’s final hope. Beck will be accompanied by his robot assistant Gofer, his tough friend Tyger and technological expert Call (Beck and Call, get it)?

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Gameplaywise, it will be an adventure RPG with elements of third person shooting and creepy dungeons with elements of horror.

And if the game wasn’t enough, there will also be an anime film released to coincide with it. Cle is intended to be a franchise, and judging by how cool it looks, that’s certainly a good thing. Have a look at the videos below and also click on the links to help bring both the series and the game ot life.


Why not donate to the Kickstarter for Red Ash here? And once you’ve donated, let us know in the comments section below or send us a tweet!

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