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Batman V Bond: Dawn of the Gadgets

When all know that boys love their toys and nothing changes with these two iconic characters and believe me, these two have an arsenal of toys!

As Spectre is now in the cinemas and Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice later next year, I thought it would be interesting and fun to compare this dynamic duo’s use of gadgets for saving the world. We all know that Batman and James Bond are known for their array of gadgets which is what makes them pretty bad ass, but who actually pulls it off best?

Batman and Bond remind me of the Devil and Angel on someone’s shoulder; meaning that, they’re pretty much the same person, however having certain individualities. Same goes for Bond and Batman’s gadgets, you have the ‘swarve’ and you have the ‘brute’. There is a large amount of similarities with the gadgets as they’re designed for pretty much the same missions; however each character contains certain gadgets that stand out from each other. There is Bond’s watch, which makes the Apple Watch look like something out of a cereal box. I mean, come on, you can impress the ladies with it and defeat a bunch of bad guys in one and still have time to drink a Martini. Then Batman has gadgets containing Kryptonite, which is a particle completely out of this world, so you can see there are differences with their gadgets.

However like I said above, there is a huge amount of similarities; firstly, both characters have someone who makes all their gadgets, you have Lucius Fox for Batman and Q for Bond and before I started writing this article, I didn’t realise how similar their gadgets were. They both have signature weapons, Bond’s PPK and Batman’s Bata-rang; because Batman uses a lot gear to help him infiltrate hideouts and hostages, he therefore uses gadgets such as: the Bat Gel to blow up walls, a cell phone tracking device which basically says what it does on the tin, then you’ve got the grappling hook that works so well with the Bat cloak and not forgetting the infamous Bat beacon, which is used by Gordon to call upon Batman to save the grotesque city of Gotham. However there would be none of these gadgets if the utility belt cease to exist. This is probably Batman’s most iconic gadget and its purpose is to carry all of the gear I mentioned above to assist him into battle and looking epic whilst he kicks butt.

Then when compared to Bond gadgets you’ll see the similarities. Because most of Bond’s missions involve stealth, his gadgets consist of: a briefcase made by Major Boothroyd in the film From Russia with Love which contains several gadgets from MI6 ready to be used in the line of duty, thus having the same idea as Batman’s utility belt, then there is Bond’s Safe Cracker which as you guessed; opens safes, which is very handy if you need to retrieve any classified or secret items, slightly different but you can see slight similarity as Batman’s gel, there both used to get into something, Batman however looking cooler doing it. Again keeping it techy we have the mini camera, which is used to take small reconnaissance photos of various blueprints and strategic locations, another item to make you look all swarve and dapper whilst kicking the bad guys ass. But again, is similar to the cell phone tracking device as both are used to locate and identify what they are looking for.

Furthermore, what I am trying to say is, apart from certain gadgets, both Batman and Bond use the same gear in their own worlds but having slight alterations or purposes. Yes they may be different but the mechanics and meaning of the gadgets mentioned above sit very close to one another, which again, shows how much of the same person Bond and Batman actually are. Which is why you must understand why I said, you’ve got the swarve and the brute, Bond’s got the more stylish gadgets but then Batman opting for the more aggressive, enforcing ones instead – same idea, different execution. To evident this even more, they both have their own cool signature CARS! Batman has of course the Batmobile and Bond has the Aston Martin, yet I do think the Aston Martin is more superior, because of it being so flashy, it would make any one driving it look debonair and stylish. Other than this it also comes with a heap load of gadgets! Probably more than the brief case and utility belt combined and the most important part… you can even drive on your days off, (super heroes must have days off right?) without surrendering your secret identity, that must be a win?

Which from all this, I feel, the only person who can pull off all these gadget if put together is…. Batman, because I mean come on, yeah Bond’s gadgets are all cool and classy but Bruce Wayne (not being Batman) would be able to use all of Bond’s gadgets without any trouble. I can hardly see Bond grappling from building to building gliding through with the bat cloak, whilst at the same time throwing a number of Batarangs and… if he were able, well I am pretty sure he’d look like an idiot doing so! Put them in the same universe using their respected gadgets, I’d think you’ll see Batman carrying Bond’s ass through the battle, not only that but is Bond really capable to give Superman a beating with the Kryptonite gauntlets? I think not. I am not going to end this though without saying, how cool Batman would look driving into Gotham with an Aston Martin, equipped with Bond’s watch kicking butt and then finishing up in a bar asking the waitress “shaken, not stirred”?

Well after reading my thought’s on the two characters and their gadgets, do you agree? Would Batman pull off all the gadgets better than Bond? Let us know in the comments section or send us a Tweet!

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