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REVIEW: High Priestess, Chapter Two: “Those Left Behind”

WAIT! Before I begin, if you haven’t read High Priestess “Chapter One: Homecoming” yet, WHY NOT? Go and read it right now! Or at the very least read my review about it. If you have read it, give yourself a *pat* *pat* on the back.

Okay, let’s begin…

“Chapter 2: Those Left Behind” is the second installment of the comic series High Priestess, written by Rees Finlay. And man, oh man, it’s one hell of a ride! It not only has dynamic action scenes portrayed through gritty illustrations, but also, this second chapter pushes an already compelling story over the edge.

This chapter in High Priestess begins with a flashback in the form of Chris’s nightmare. Although this scene is only a page worth of panels, it provides an enormous amount of insight into the plot and its characters. Not only do we see how Holly Peters was murdered before her transformation into the titular High Priestess, but we also learn of Chris’s overwhelming feelings of guilt. While Chris may not have been to blame for Holly’s death, it is clear that he feels responsible for what occurred, and possibly for any actions Holly might perform as the High Priestess.

The story then picks up from the day after chapter one’s events. With the two angels, Gabriel and Lucy, guiding her, Holly chases down a demon-possessed hijacker, Alex Clauneck. While I like this scene’s illustrations as they are well-paced, I find the dialogue between the three character distracting. While the dialogue definitely adds to the chaos of the action scene, it is hard to appreciate the chase scene at hand and learn about Clauneck. Since Clauneck proves to play a vital role later in Holly’s story, I wish Clauneck’s backstory was presented in a separate entity from the chase scene. The story behind his possession sounds so interesting that I feel like it merits more than one panel of flashback and expository dialogue between Lucy and Holly.

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However, once Holly catches up to Clauneck, the high intensity action that ensues is flawless. This fight scene is brutal, and it highlights Holly’s strength to stand up against villains, deeply contrasting the Holly portrayed in Chris’s nightmare. By the end of the fight, Holly manages to subdue to Clauneck, and Chris and his fellow officers arrive at the scene. But before Chris can remind Holly of their relationship, Gabriel transports Holly, Clauneck, and himself out of there via a FIERY VORTEX OF AWESOMENESS!!! … sorry, I had a moment there. I think I’m secretly a pyromaniac…

Anyways, Holly, Clauneck, and Gabriel are transported to Gabriel’s mansion, which Holly has never seen before. Not only does this inform us that Holly has not been the High Priestess long, but it also reveals that Holly does not know much about Gabriel. Clauneck is then brought inside. However, this place seems more like a Hell-hole than an angelic mansion as the only interior space we see is a dark room.

As Holly interrogates Clauneck about the school bus and its missing children, Clauneck taunts Holly about trusting Gabriel and Lucy. Since the first chapter, Finlay has dropped hints about Gabriel and Lucy’s shady intentions, and while Clauneck might not be the most reliable source, I feel like Clauneck might be right.

We are then brought full circle as Clauneck gives Holly back her memory of the day she died. As we learn that Clauneck’s master orchestrated Holly’s death, and possibly that of her daughter’s, I can’t help but feel suspicious about Chris. If Chris’s nightmare had some truth in it, why would Clauneck’s master feel the need to punish Chris? Maybe Chris should feel guilty….

After Holly regains her memories and before Clauneck can do any further damage, Holly incinerates Clauneck with her powers.  

Like the first chapter, this chapter ends with a similar letter to Amy. Only this time, it is clear that Amy is her daughter, and Holly Peters’s now has an emotional drive to be the High Priestess and save the world.

I definitely recommend reading “Chapter 2: Those Left Behind” if you haven’t already read it yet. It’s a fun and interesting read, and I can’t wait for the next chapter to come out!

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