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6 Reasons Ben Affleck is the Perfect Batman/Bruce Wayne

When Ben Affleck was first announced for playing Batman in the Man of Steel sequel he received a lot of negative response; people were outraged and went so far as to threaten to boycott the movie. I however was the opposite. I think that Affleck is a great actor and will wear the Dark Knight’s cowl with pride and possibly make a better Batman than Christian Bale.

6. He’s a Veteran of Film


When Affleck was first announced to be playing Batman too many people immediately remembered him in Daredevil, a *ahem* low point in his career I’ll admit but what annoyed me the most is how everyone immediately assumed Batman vs Superman will just be a repeat of it. Daredevil happened 12 years ago – 12 years in which Affleck has grown and has become a superb actor and director. He shone in Gone Girl (2014), one of my favourite films of that year, and before that Argo (2012), the film which he directed, won a Oscar for best picture. Not to mention in 2010, he directed the amazing crime drama The Town. Basically what I’m saying is Ben Affleck deserves respect for his acting and dedication to film, and I am more than certain he will bring all of this experience to BvS and make it great.


5. The Good Looks


Let’s admit it, Ben Affleck is one handsome guy – and if there’s one thing people know about Bruce Wayne is that he’s a good looking, millionaire, playboy. Affleck can easily pull this off. He’s got the looks and he’s got the charm; if you don’t believe me go watch Gone Girl. It has plenty of Affleck smiles and charm which would suit Bruce Wayne like a glove. Granted we’re being presented an older Bruce Wayne than we’re used to, but from the pictures and trailers we’ve seen, I’m immediately drawn to Affleck having the right look for a more weathered Bruce Wayne. His slightly graying hair suits him, as does the stubble on his jaw, and frankly he reminds me of David Beckham; an older handsome gentlemen is exactly what the Superhero world needs.

4. His Acting


Along with becoming an accomplished filmmaker Affleck has grown as an actor; a shining example of this recently is in Gone Girl. Throughout the whole film I was thinking, “this guy has what it takes to be Batman.” He’ll need to go from the charming, smiling Bruce Wayne to the scowling, moody Batman instantly. And from what we’ve seen in the trailers, Affleck can do exactly that very well. The stare he gives Superman in the ballroom is hard enough to melt steel. And while many people can bring up his bad films (looking at Daredevil again) the fact is that every actor has bad movies; it’s unfair to assume an actor’s talent based on films that happened a decade go. No, Affleck has the acting chops to be a great Batman.

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