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PODCAST: The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 33: Looking Forward to London Super Comic Con!

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With the Awesome Comics Podcast’s first ever exhibitor appearance just around the corner, what better time to talk comics, conventions and get hyped for the upcoming London Super Comic Con 2016?! The gang are joined by the fourth Beatle, Emily Own (Pup & Grumpicorn) to go through some do’s and don’ts of conventions and mention some experiences that small press creators have had. There’s some cosplay talk, we run through some of the guests both big and small press we’re looking forward to seeing, and theres also plenty of the ridiculous ACP humour you’ve come to expect. Also Emily drops this week’s amusing fog horn edit, Dan vents about the amount of questions he received, Vince tells everyone his future album titles and Tony’s pronunciation of falafel is positively Tokien.
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