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6 Reasons Divergent is Better than The Hunger Games

There are a lot of post-apocalyptic films and stories out there nowadays, but some stand out more than others. Divergent and The Hunger Games are but two. However, Divergent is much better than The Hunger Games, in my opinion.

Divergent is about a post-nuclear world where the population of Chicago is split into 5 factions, Dauntless, Abnegation, Candor, Amity and Erudite. Each show different character traits and at a certain age each person undergoes a test which determines what faction they move into or whether they stay in the one they grew up in. On a rare occasion a person either doesn’t fit into any factions and becomes faction-less or they fit into more than more, and this is Divergent. That is was Tris is. The Hunger Games are about a similar world where there are games held every year in which people form 12 districts fight for survival and one victor comes out of it, and Katniss is the main character that goes through this and lives.

This list of 6 reasons will compare both films and show how Tris is better than Katniss and how Divergent is better than The Hunger Games.

6. Style


The whole style of Divergent just looks and feels a lot better than The Hunger Games. The five factions all have different styles which makes them stand out, black for Dauntless, grey for Abnegation, black and white for Candor, red or yellow for Amity, and blue for Erudite. This makes sure you know who is what and where they are supposed to be. You could say it is similar to The Hunger Games, because they have districts which are numbered, but the whole style and world of Divergent is more satisfying. The clothes they wear in Divergent are much more suited to the world that they live in, they’re not as extravagant as they wear in the Capital in The Hunger Games. I think that the clothes in Divergent are rugged and I really want one of those black Dauntless jackets they wear.

5. The Wider World


The world in Divergent is bigger than you think. In Divergent they live in a nuclear fallout city that is surrounded by walls keeping them all in. There are so many twists and turns. In the new episode in the saga: Allegiant, Tris and her Divergent group leave the confining walls of Chicago and discover a whole new more technological advanced world outside of their own, and it turns out that they were an experiment all along. Divergent’s can change the world. Whereas in, The Hunger Games, it is all just one world split up into districts, that world never gets beyond that, it is all self-contained where as the Divergent world is every growing and expanding. This makes the story have more depth and makes it more intriguing to watch and read.

4. Technology


The technology is so much better in Divergent. Being in a post nuclear fallout world you wouldn’t think the technology would be so advanced, but it is. In The Hunger Games there is technology, which is advanced but it is not as advanced as in Divergent. It fascinated me, the technology that was in Divergent, as when they take the aptitude test to determine what faction they go into, they have to swallow a certain liquid that sends them into a trance like state and they take a mental test in that hallucination that determines their fate. This to me is extremely futuristic and totally bonkers, but awesome at the same time. In The Hunger Games, they have television screens and weapons, but nothing as futuristic and as to be honest cool as the Divergent world. Both worlds have technology that shouldn’t fit with the style of the film but strangely enough it works, but it all works better in Divergent.

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