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PODCAST: The Geek Chorus Episode 21: Deadpool

Deadpool is here to rock the house, ya’ll! Hi, there. I’m Deadpool. I’ve hijacked this little blurb of a podcast description because ol’ Mikey Bones don’t know how to SEO properly. This is Geek Chours #21 which means the podcast is legally allowed to drink and it’ll probably end up with a severe case of the alcoholics. But don’t worry, your friendly neighborhood Merc with a Mouth is here to save the day. Deadpool, the movie, starring me, Deadpool, is about me, Deadpool. There are some other people in it but I’m sure you know because I’ve made a LOT of money thanks to you rubes…I mean, fans. You wonderful, glorious, neck bearded fans, and of course, the impossibly always hot nerd girls who come in all shapes and sizes. Don’t worry…daddy like. You know who I’m talking about. 😉 By the way, did I ever tell you I invented emojis? No one ever gives me credit for the revolutionary way people refuse to communicate to each other face to face and would rather use symbols that NO ONE USES ON THE KEYBOARD! Well, I changed that. I’m pretty sure Negasonic Teenage Warhead communicates only in emoji’s. What a darling little waste of a generation. I tried to get my White Russian (not a race thing) friend Colossus to listen but he said “What is podcast?” and then went on about communism or something. I drifted off halfway. Anyway, take a listen to these four wonderful people, who like me, Deadpool, also saw Fantastic Four. The difference is I kill people while Josh Trank killed a franchise. BOOM! MIC DROP! Annnnnnnd I’m outta here like a weak old Dennis Miller reference.

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