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You Haven’t Seen Deadpool Yet?

He’s a Merc with a mouth and he’s got something to say.  Deadpool, Marvel’s own chimichanga lovin’, regenerating degenerate has been released worldwide.  Ever since the films release, on February 12th, 2016, it has been breaking box office records. So, it comes to me as a bit of a surprise when I hear a friend or even a complete stranger in passing say “Nah, I haven’t seen Deadpool.” or “Dead-who?”

It bothers me. What bothers me?  The assumptions. The assumptions that can be made towards the superhero movie genre. Especially, when it comes to a film like this. Don’t sit there and lie to yourself while you read this. You know you have friends who have asked you who Deadpool is. And sure, you gladly answer them, but only to be discouraged once they lose interest, simply because they don’t understand the complexities of  what makes this great character. Sure, you could easily just tell them to google “Deadpool” and check out his Wikipage, but where is the fun in that? You want them to hear it from a genuine fan like yourself. Well, this is where I step in. I wrote an article for my friends to read and enjoy. This article contains no spoilers and it’s something that can be read with ease. So, without further ado, Deadpool.

Deadpool, aka Wade Wilson is a character in the Marvel Universe who isn’t your ordinary superhero. He’s different, well, real different. In past interviews with Deadpool, portrayed by Ryan Reynolds,  he has stated this isn’t your ordinary superhero movie. For one, it’s rated R; and if that doesn’t say something let the trailers and posters speak for themselves. Be sure to check them out below!

Let’s be honest, The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a Juggernaut (pun totally intended) and has been for the past couple of years. Meanwhile, 20th Century Fox, who originally started the superhero movie craze with X-Men in 2000, has been looking to grasp success once again. In case you missed it, the studio put on a brilliant campaign called The 12 days of Deadpool and gave the eager audience a peek into the mind and escapades of this foul-mouthed bad boy. When the 12 days ended, it came with great success, and left us with a brand new red band trailer to enjoy.

Without giving too much away, Wade Wilson is a man who is diagnosed with terminal cancer. In an attempt to save his own life, he elects himself for an experimental treatment that will, in fact, cure him. In doing so, it commits him to a world of new unexplored powers. Unfortunately, for our Hollywood heart-throb Reynolds, Wade is left disfigured with less than desirable features, and that’s putting it nicely, sorry ladies. He soon finds out the love of his life is in danger and with his newly acquired durability, he’s hell-bent on saving his girl. TJ Miller adds to the already impressive ensemble as Weasel, giving yet another layer of comedic crudeness.

Unlike other films that have tried and failed X-Men Origins: Wolverine, in which Reynolds has previously appeared as Wade Wilson, this attempt to redeem Deadpool’s name is an accurate representation of our favorite mercenary. Guys, they even go as far as to poke a little fun a Reynolds’ superhero past, Green Lantern.

To wrap it all up, I jotted a few key things to remember:

  • Deadpool is NOT  your everyday superhero.
  • Deadpool never knows when to shut up.
  • Deadpool will kill the baddies.
  • Deadpool will talk directly to the audience. That’s right, we get some uncensored fourth wall breaking fun.
  • Stay after the credits.

Also, make sure to keep an eye for some X-Men, I spotted a Colossus one about mid-way through the trailer. I’m so PUNNY.

Now, I’m not saying lets all sit around a camp fire and sing “Kumbaya.” Use this as a tool, share it with your friends who have been severely slacking! For example, I shared this with my parents, and guess what? They saw it. C’mon, don’t let your parents see Deadpool before you.

Be sure to comment below. Did you see Deadpool? Do you have friends who won’t see Deadpool? Send ’em over our way or take to Twitter!

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Gregory Lastra


  • Great read. I was growing tired of the same old superhero formulaic movie and deadpool really set itself apart. Thank god it was a true rated R film. I heard the execs wanted it to be PG13 before ryan reynolds pushed for the R rating.

  • I loved reading this article it ws funny, gave great info and definitely kept my interest. Loved the fact that Deadpool was a true Rated R movie. Awesome movie and great article!