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Why Superior Would Make a Great Comic Book Film

We are living in a golden age of comic book movies where it seems anything is possible. One of the biggest names right now in comic book films is Mark Millar who is overseeing film adaptations of his creator owned titles. One of those in early pre-production and the one that has the most potential is Superior.  Not only is it arguably the best book Millar has ever done, but it can be used as a commentary on how the superhero genre has involved and the role it plays in our pop culture.

Simon Pooni was a regular twelve-year-old boy until he was diagnosed with MS. Now he has lost most of his friends and has a hard time doing anything. One night a mysterious creature appears to him and grants him a wish turning him into a comic book hero named Superior. But what is he willing to give up to stay Superior?

Right away one should know that Superior is Millar’s big love letter to Richard Donner‘s Superman. Superior is clearly meant to be based on this version of the Man of Steel from the powers to the origin to the costume. Millar also has characters in the book make the same arguments we have been hearing about Superman against the Superior character. That he is too much of a boy scout, that the costume is lame, and he needs to be more of a James Bond or Jason Bourne character. But that is the genius of the novel, it reminds you of what made those original Superman movies so special and such an important part of our American history.

Millar wants to remind us of the magic and innocence of that era of superheroes and that the world is not as bleak as it seems. There are characters within the novel who are shown as cynical and question what is really going on when a real life superhero shows up. Some think its a stunt for the film series within the novel while others think there must be some other conspiracy going on and no one can really be that well-intentioned and just want to help people. The world has changed greatly since the Superior character was created in the 1930s, just like in real life the world is much different from the 1930s when Superman was created, but just maybe we need him to remember what our world can be.

With how dark the DC extended universe films have been this movie could be a good way to comment on it and show that we should not forget about where these characters have come from. Now do not get me wrong I did enjoy Man of Steel and Batman v Superman and there is a place in the world for those kind of movies, but I am also a fan of Superman and Superman II and a movie that is a reflection of that kind of film and how the modern world seems to look down on them in scorn would be an interesting view on superhero films, how they have evolved, and what their place is in our pop culture both then and now.

That is what would make Superior such a great and interesting movie to make. You would have the personal story of the boy who has had his life completely turned upside down and what will he do to change it and the movie would also be a commentary on superheroes in general and their place in our lives. As great as the conflicted heroes and anti-heroes can be sometimes you just need to be inspired and see that there is good in the world and one person can make a difference. That is why I hope that Superior sees the light of day as a movie and it is a great film.

What do you think? Have you read Superior and agree it would make a great film? Let us know on Twitter and in the comments below!

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