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6 Reasons to Get Excited for X-Men Apocalypse

X-Men: Apocalypse is definitely a movie that has been overshadowed this year by some of the more highly anticipated releases such as Captain America: Civil War and Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Which is a real shame considering the success of its predecessor X-Men: Days of Future Past. Ever since the quasi reboot of the X-Men, Fox Entertainment has delivered movie after movie with the pinnacle moment being X-Men: Days of Future Past.

X-Men: Days of Future Past seemed to be the movie everyone had been dreaming of. And now, it’s finally time to see where this new take on the X-Men will take us. There are plenty of reasons to be excited for this movie and we can’t wait to share them.

6. Mystic’s Redemption


Based on what we know of the film so far, it seems pretty clear we can expect Mystic to take on a large leadership role throughout the film. Considering she’s been playing on Magneto’s side since before the reboot, it’ll be interesting to see how she fares as a prominent figure for the X-Men.

Mystic has had an interesting character progression throughout the series’ run and especially during the last two films. Seeing where this character can go in the universe is something we’ll all be waiting to see.

5. Magneto and Quicksilver’s Relationship


One of the greatest aspects of the new X-Men movies is that even the smallest of details from previous films are brought back in some way or form for future installments. There’s great care being taken in what characters say and how they interact with one another and how that projects for future films. We knew based on Magneto and Quicksilver’s interaction with one another in Days of Future Past that we would finally be getting a glimpse of Magneto’s children.

What’s great about this is rather than rushing it in Days of Future Past, it seems it will get the treatment it deserves in Apocalypse. It’s the type of relationship we have never really gotten the chance to see in an X-Men movie and now it’s finally happening.

4. The Cameos


One of the small, enjoyable, and slickest aspects of the new X-Men movies is the cameos. While we know Wolverine is set to make some sort of appearance in addition to Stan Lee, there’s no telling what sort of other goodies we may be in store for along the way. The Easter eggs that will be planted throughout the film are sure to bring smiles to our faces the entire time. It sure as hell worked in Days of Future Past and there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work here.

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