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AP2HYC Picks a Side for Civil War

Captain America: Civil War has now arrived in theatres, and we thought quite highly of it! It packs the usual spellbinding action and emotional beats we’ve come to expect from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Civil War brings with it questions of accountability, something that’s been scarce in the MCU up till now.

Despite being a Cap film, Civil War illustrates both Steve and Tony’s sides of the Superhero Registration Act argument, here renamed the Sokovia Accords. The film does a decent job in showing us the consequences of what happens to our heroes when they both obey and disregard these new rules, crafting a broken society for our favourite heroes.

We put our writers to the test and asked them which side they support in Civil War, and the end result is a rather broken society for A Place To Hang Your Cape too! Read on to find out more!

“I’m going to side with Captain America, simply because law enforcement in the Marvel universe is inadequate, and sometimes, you need people who are willing to go above the law in order to uphold justice. S.H.I.E.L.D. isn’t exactly the perfect organization, and it’s been infiltrated once before. How can we trust S.H.I.E.L.D. to adequately manage a superhero registry? A registration act cannot work in the MCU” – Alex Reale, Former Junior Sidekick.

“I am most definitely on Team Captain America for Captain America: Civil War. I believe in his cause. When Loki or a government official/Hydra spy is out there destroying the world, is someone with superhuman abilities and good intentions like Cap expected to be watching from his window like a little kid stuck inside on a beautiful summer’s day? And wait for his mom to tell him it’s okay to go outside and kick ass? Hell no! Besides, Iron Man just feels bad about the fact he caused the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Not just actual Ultron destruction, but probably the whole movie in general.” – Ariana Zink, Contributor.

“Good ol’ Cap all the way. Why? The guy just exudes everything that makes up a hero; patriotic, brave, fighting skills and an ex-vet! What’s not to like. Plus his ideological stance is right on point, identities and heroes should not be Government monitored, especially in today’s society! Hope he opens up Shellhead’s noggin.” – Jake Barber, Contributor.

“I’m Team Iron Man with this one. While the idea behind the Superhero Registration Act is noble, it will undoubtedly put a lot of innocent people connected to these superheroes in danger; because let’s be honest, the bad guys will always find a way to get the leverage they need. Call it what you want (a necessary precaution or a plot device) it just makes things easier for the wrong people. You only have to look at the backlash of the Mutant Registration Act, briefly touched on in X-Men 2, to know this is ultimately a bad idea.” – Zaibien Hunter, Contributor.

“I’ll go ahead and throw my lot in with Team Iron Man. My only reason for doing so is the Black Panther. If trailers mean anything it looks like he is going to steal this movie – he looks that good. I’ve never been into his character before, but he just looked great in the preview. Additionally, I have a lot of excitement for the Ta-Nehisi Coates Black Panther re-boot that is soon to be released in print. So I’m on Team Panther, which in this case, is Team Iron Man.” – Craig Porges, Contributor.

“I’m Team Iron Man all the way, and not just because I totally love Robert Downy Jr. I actually think that the spirit of the Superhero Registration Act is right – heroes should have some regulation and accountability. That said, I think all this fighting is making things even worse. So I’m Team Ben Grimm: register, then sit it out.” – David Molofsky, Editor-In-Cape.

“When it comes to choosing a side in Captain America: Civil War, I’m on Team Cap all the way! I mean, if ever there was a man who was the living embodiment of the word “hero” it would be Steve Rogers. The man is uncompromising in his morality and his constant need to always do what’s right for the greater good. Integrity isn’t just an idea for him, it’s what he strives for in everything that he does. When he faces overwhelming odds and is pushed beyond exhaustion, Cap never lets fear take over or gives up. And let’s not forget that in Captain America: The Winter Solider, he single handedly took down a fighter plane using nothing more than his shield and a motorcycle! How bad ass is that?! Captain America isn’t just a hero, he’s a leader who earns respect and never demands it. It is for those reasons, that I will follow Cap until the bitter end.” – Jesse Acevedo, Contributor.

“Picking a side for the upcoming Civil War film was not easy! So despite Iron Man implementing this hero freedom restricted law and quite possibly looking like a well intentioned tyrant, I am sticking with my guns and siding with Tony Stark. He’s been on of my favourite Marvel heroes since I could remember and maybe instigating some sort of authority onto our heroes wouldn’t be such a bad thing. At the end of the day, these Avengers do what they do in order to protect the innocent of the world, however this is unachievable when they leave a trail of destruction in their mist regardless of who they are fighting. So with Tony Stark issuing these additional politically regimented rules; which could correspond with the federal system we have in our lives could therefore quite possibly portray a more safer environment for the fictional world.” – Steven Galea, Contributor.

“From what we’ve heard and seen of Civil War so far, I’m Team Iron Man all the way. This new, guilt-ridden Tony Stark is at least able to see beyond the “superhero bubble”, and show some concern for us mere mortals out there. That’s not to say I’m all for complete government control. If I thought Cap’s rebellion was more than a case of temporary insanity, brought on by his pal Bucky, I might be of a different opinion.” – Lisa Montgomery, Contributor.

“It has to be Team Cap – how could it not be? The very words ‘Captain’ and ‘America’ make up half of this movie’s title. Because of this, it’d be a pretty poor do if we were to instantly side with Stark! Steve Rogers is the ultimate good guy, we can’t help but cheer him on in whatever situation he’s in, a factor that surely makes us side with him even more. Also, I think we’re growing weary of Tony Stark’s reckless attitude. His intentions here may be good, ever since his nightmares grow worse and worse throughout Iron Man 3 and Age of Ultron. However, we’re surely getting tired of his rock star attitude to being a superhero, and Civil War is his ultimate comeuppance. Karma’s known for being a bitch, and Captain America: Civil War promises to be the biggest Tony’s going to get.” – Fred McNamara, Official Sidekick.

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