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PODCAST I Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 47: Kevin Bieber and Man VS Rock

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Buckle your seat belts folks because Kevin Bieber, one of the creators behind Man vs Rock, the craziest and most hilarious small press books ever created, joins the gang this week. He talks about how the book came to be, the reaction the book has had since its release, and so much more. Seriously, there’s SO much more. There’s also chat about negative reactions to movies, Trump, how everyone in England knows each other, Howard the Duck, and there’s also hints to the exciting projects the ACP gang are working on currently. Plus, Dan does his best to stay alive after an uber busy weekend, Vince announces a love for freebies, and Tony describes what he would look like as the new James Bond.

If you love our Intro/Outro music, then check out the brilliant Chad Fifer and more of his musical badassery at www.chadfifer.bandcamp.com

The awesome Hunger Games theme by James Newton Howard can be found here

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