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REVIEW: Actionverse #1 (Molly Danger)

Actionverse #1, featuring Molly Danger, written by Jamal Igle, continues the bold attempt of creating a story arc that intersects indie comic book characters such as Molly Danger, Virtue, Midnight Tiger, and Stray into the same universe. Heroes must work together to stop a villain named Malice that threatens their entire planet and, consequently, other alternate universes.

The story continues where the last issue left off. Jake Roth and Malice are found by Molly Danger, a spunky alien that appears to be the age of a young girl, who proceeds to help Jake by keeping him safe from Malice’s evil intents. As they attempt to locate Malice while also understanding Jake’s powers to assist in the travel between alternate universes, Malice is located and a fight of epic proportions ensues. Meanwhile in the shadows, a new character named Medula seems to be plotting something evil and we are introduced to a new character named Virtue.

One of my initial concerns with Actionverse #0  was the lack of explanation of the character Molly Danger. She seemed to be the celebrity of the group but there really was never much explanation to her character. While there are some facts about her left in the dark in this issue, we do get a better sense of her character this time around in terms of who she is, where she comes from, etc. And that’s a huge improvement from her last introduction. Not to mention, there is once again the nifty bio at the end of the comic.

While there’s also a lot of exposition in this issue, which is to be expected all things considered, it never feels boring. Elements are explained efficiently and even when there seems to be a bit of a slow down, there’s a great battle following shortly after. The story continues to throw mysteries at the readers which keeps the story engaging. As with Actionverse #1’s first chapter, it almost is better to not necessarily know who these new characters are as it keeps the story more intriguing and the writers do a good job at easing any new character into the story.

The artwork, also done by Jamal Igle, continues to be absolutely great. The colors and detail really bring the story to life especially when it comes to the action sequence between Malice and Molly. So far, the piece as a whole feels professional and you can tell the amount of dedication and effort being put into each panel. The writers know when to give us information and when to let us see these heroes kick serious butt.

Actionverse #1 second chapter continues this unique story arc experiment  and continues to be full of surprises. I can’t wait to see where it goes.

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