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PODCAST I Geek Chorus Episode 27: Conquer Pro Wrestling

Conquer Pro Wrestling is a one of a kind, live theatrical experience that blends the exciting action of live professional wrestling with the drama of theatre. On this episode, Mike Sangregorio talks to Benny “the Jet” Benya, commentator for CPW and professional act out of the state of Florida. They discuss everything from the current product, the current state of what it’s like to be a wrestling fan, how shows like CPW are changing the way wrestling can be presented and done, and what it was like to become a part of this unique stage show. Mike and Benny also dive into why shows like CPW really can make anyone a wrestling fan due to it’s emphasis on character and story that will really have a broad reach to many audiences. You can find out all about Conquer Pro Wrestling: We Don’t Play Fight by visiting their Facebook page as well as info on where you can get tickets to see this live show. Conquer Pro Wrestling is certainly an opportunity to get true entertainment out of “sports entertainment” and be reminded that there are other things out there than what you see on TV. Be sure to also check out the many videos they have on their page to give you a behind the scenes look at what to expect on this show.

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