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REVIEW: Actionverse #1 (Midnight Tiger)

Actionverse #1 (Featuring Midnight Tiger), written by Ray-Anthony Height and Vito Delsante, turns up the heat as we near the conclusion of Actionverse‘s first story arc. We finally get to see some long awaited characters and the wait is definitely worth it.

Midnight Tiger and Stray confront this new superhero Virtue in Apollo Bay. Although Virtue may be off his rocker, the two superheroes have difficulty taking him down. Just when things are about to look grim for the two superheroes, Molly Danger arrives to save the two. Meanwhile, Medula finds the man he’s looking for: Jake Roth and attempts to convince him to join his side for the good of taking down Malice.

Things pick up again real quick with a battle between Midnight Tiger, Stray, and Virtue. And, it’s a lot of fun. The entire issue focuses primarily on this one, long battle and it definitely lives up to the previous showdowns every step of the way. The action is delivered at a fast pace but not so fast that it’s difficult to follow what’s going on. All the characters have their moment to shine and it feels well balanced.

It’s also finally good to see Stray and Midnight Tiger. These two characters easily stole the show in Actionverse #0 and the fact we’ve had to wait until issue four for them to return is definitely worth it. And, better yet, the two now seem to be a team which is really nice considering their interactions in Actionverse #0. We get the sense that there has been significant progression in terms of their friendship since the last time we saw them. Hopefully these two will be kicking some serious butt in the last two issues of this story arc. If they don’t, then that is going to be my one complaint of the story as a whole.

The artwork is a vast improvement from Actionverse #1 (Featuring Fracture). Ray-Anthony Height’s attention to detail is outstanding and his overall style really fits the contents of this issue. His choice of harsh shadows and colors brings the entire fight scene to life. Even when the fight scene is over, the last moments between Medula and Jake Roth jump off the page. We even get the return of another character and his new design looks amazing; so much so that it will definitely leave the readers wanting more.

While Actionverse #1 (Midnight Tiger) is primarily a fight scene, it is action packed enough to keep audiences entertained and reinvigorated into wanting more. With only two issues left, it raises the bar from its previous issues and leaves you with a feeling that it can only get better from here.

You can purchase your copy of Actionverse #1 (Featuring Midnight Tiger) through Atomic Empire’s website. Get your copy today! Once you’ve read your copy, let us know what you thought of it on Twitter or in the comments section below!

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