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PODCAST I The Awesome Comics Podcast Episode 46: Monty Nero and Death Sentence

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This week Monty Nero, creator of the acclaimed super powered comic Death Sentence joins the gang to talk about all things comics. He tells us how the series came to be, what it’s like working with artists, his experiences with conventions all over the world, and so much more! There’s also chat about Frank Miller, Jack Kirby, Comica Comiket, and the books talked about this week are dark, twisted, fantastical, violent, abstract and all amazing. Also there’s talk of how cheap Vince is, Tony’s Double-Denim look, and what body part Dan likes writing into things.

PLUS Emily Owen brings us the penultimate reading of the Awesome Games and, as we get closer to finding a winner, the action gets brutal.

Who will survive this week? Listen now to find out!!

If you love our Intro/Outro music, then check out the brilliant Chad Fifer and more of his musical badassery at www.chadfifer.bandcamp.com

The awesome Hunger Games theme by James Newton Howard can be found here







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