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REVIEW: Parsley Girl: Carrots

Hello again, everyone! Today I bring you a review of Parsley Girl: Carrots, courtesy of Matthew Swan and Avery Hill Publishing. It follows an exciting trio of friends as they discover their town has been taken over by an army of giant men-shaped carrots. Yes, you read that correctly; giant men-shaped carrots. And the strangeness doesn’t stop there. There’s talking animals, magic paint (who doesn’t love a bit of magic, eh?) and a tortoise in a party hat.

The comic is quite short and is just one story from the Parsley Girl series, but from the outset you get who the character is and what kind of person they are, which is great for newcomers. What’s also apparent from the start is the drawing style and colour scheme. It’s bright, quirky and fantastic in both standard and colloquial senses of the word. I really liked the psychedelic style of art Matthew Swan uses, as it feels like something you’d find on a contemporary Cartoon Network show. I wouldn’t be surprised if it was picked up by a producer and made into animated show, in fact I hope it does. We definitely need more programmes centered around a heroic female protagonist, and I believe Parsley Girl could be one of those characters that breaks through to mainstream audiences. (She wields a double-sided axe so she wouldn’t have any problems with that. Glass ceilings are for “mingin’ herbaceous creeps.”)


Given the short length of the comic, it came as quite as a surprise that there was even less dialogue but that is no way a bad thing. More dialogue in this case would take away from the brilliantly illustrated action scenes and settings, and it just goes to prove the importance of visual storytelling. A picture says more than a thousand words, the saying goes, and this is a perfect example of that. Not to mention it varies the pace of the story which keeps it interesting – not that it had any trouble with that… giant men-shaped carrots, remember?

So there you have it, folks. I’ve given you a brief look at Parsley Girl: Carrots. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and take a look for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.

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