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6 Reasons to Get Excited for Independence Day: Resurgence

Congratulations, by reading this you have lived long enough to see a sequel to Independence Day! Earth’s armageddon is upon us once again twenty years later. Independence Day: Resurgence will invade theaters June 24th, 2016. As much I would love to list Jeff Goldblum as every reason to get excited for Independence Day: Resurgence, I have scoured the trailers and have compiled a list of six solid reasons to get amped up about the film!

6. Independence Day Destruction


Let’s be real for a minute: Big budget Hollywood blockbusters that have been rolling out recently have stepped up the action and destruction. That’s right I’m talking to you Man of Steel and Avengers Assemble. Audiences love some good old fashioned end of the world destruction and we know Independence Day: Resurgence can serve it up. Even way back in 1996, a “safer” time for world monuments, Independence Day did not disappoint. Theater goers minds were blown away with quite literally every city in the world. Now, factor in it’s twenty years later and it’s a sequel. Things are about to be turned up a notch. The technology in film-making has advanced so greatly we are going to be left with enormous action sequences for our eyes to marvel at.

5. Newcomers


There are two new actors I would like to point out gearing up to save Earth in Independence Day: Resurgence. First up, Liam Hemsworth, brother of Thor, ex-lover of Katniss, Hemsworth has the chops to hold his own in a big budget film. Although he may not have the tenure when compared to others, his portrayal of Gale in The Hunger Games was a great start. Second is Maika Monroe, if we have any horror fans out there you know damn well who she is. For those of you who are several slacking, she’s the girl who faced off against a sexually transmitted haunting in It Follows. Monroe’s character in Independence Day: Resurgence, Patricia Whitmore, is the all grown up daughter of former president Whitmore.  Fresh faces equals more story. I’m excited to see how these two will interact and what roles they will actually play in saving all of mankind.

4. The Death of Captain Steven Hiller


How could anyone be excited for Hiller’s death? Well for starters it will give us some closure. We need to move on, Will Smith is not in the film and having another legacy character, especially one who’s father was a hero twenty years back is story gold. Jesse T. Usher will portray former lil’ man Dylan Hiller. If Captain Hiller’s death is as unexpected as it sounds Dylan will have some large shoes to fill, as well as jokes to crack. I’m definitely keeping my fingers crossed for a *Punch* and “WELCOME TO EARTH!”

3. Revenge


Earth has been preparing for twenty years and so have they. The aliens want revenge on planet Earth and are breaking out the big guns. The trailer seems to revolve around the technology Earth obtained after their victory and whether or not they are prepared for another invasion of that scale. Well, don’t forget about what the aliens have to offer. In the image above I’m fairly certain I’m staring at a foot or claw. Giant Cloverfield-like alien? I’m not sure, but it’s doing major damage. I haven’t even mentioned the anti-gravity technology the aliens seem to be using to destroy the cities. Don’t forget, what goes up, must come down.

2. Dr. Brakish Okun


Are you as excited as I am to see the alien crazed doctor back at it again with that long grey hair? Brent Spiner will reprise his role as Dr. Brakish Okun! Talk about nostalgia, I haven’t thought about this guy for twenty years! After his encounter with the invader last time around I’m sure we are in store for some great stories! I also want to point out the grizzled former president Whitmore, Bill Pullman, in the background. Seeing these two together reminded me of their connection through alien telekinesis in the first film. One could only assume this will probably play out again in some way.

1. Jeff Goldblum


Aw, come on, you knew this one was coming! Of course Jeff Goldblum is the number one reason to get excited for Independence Day: Resurgence! With all the newcomers isn’t it nice to see a familiar face? David Levison and the technology he helped develop will be put to the ultimate test against the same, but much larger threat. In the trailer he’s spotted going to space and accompanied by Hemsworth’s character who is piloting the ship. The banter Goldblum brings in life and death situations cuts the tension in half and makes for an enjoyable time. I only hope Levison will be around long enough to hear that fat lady sing!

Any one of these reasons is enough to get me off my couch to see Independence Day: Resurgence, when really all it would take is Goldblum. All jokes aside, we are in for an epic sequel packed to the brim with action!

Who are you excited to see? Will this sequel meet the standards of its predecessor? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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