6 Things We Want To See in Transformers: The Last Knight

The past couple of weeks has begun to reveal details about Transformers: The Last Knight, the fifth film in the live action series. We know, or rather knew, that Michael Bay would be back in the director’s seat for what might be the last time. Mark Walberg and Peter Cullen will return as Cade Yeager and Optimus Prime, Isabela Moner joins as a new character named “Izabella” (what a great name), and Josh Duhamel will return as Lt. Colonel Lennox, absent since his last appearance in Transformers: Dark of the Moon. The latest teaser implies Megatron/Galvatron will be back as the main villain. But what do we want to see in the fifth film? A better plot for one thing, but there are others.

6. Manmade Transformers


A highlight of Transformers: Age of Extinction was Joshua Joyce (Stanley Tucci), the ambitious CEO of KSI Industries who created manmade Transformer drones using the precious metal alloys of the Transformers themselves. Learning his ways at the end of the film, Joshua offered to help Cade Yeager rebuild his home. I’d like to see Tucci return to the story, since the Transformium he has could help benefit mankind and improve the shattered relationship between them and the Autobots. I’d also like to see perhaps some of the drones become individualistic, and see the world from the perspective of a Transformer who hasn’t been consumed by warfare.

5. Verity Carlo and the Wreckers


The newest addition to the cast is Isabela Moner, whose character is described as a “street smart tomboy who grew up in the foster system”. Now, that description sounds quite similar to Verity Carlo, a character introduced in the IDW Comics, mostly notably starring in “The Last Stand of the Wreckers”, often considered one of the best Transformers comics written. The Wreckers have already been introduced in the third film, but they were killed offscreen by the time Age of Extinction rolled around. However, what if another team of Wreckers, consisting of those seen in “The Last Stand” made an appearance, and later got their own spin-off. If Isabela turned out to be playing Verity, it would certainly be a fresh take on the human perspective, since she later gains her own mecha suit and can fight along the Autobots.

4. The Dinobots


A big if brief highlight of Age of Extinction was the inclusion of the beloved Dinobots, and it is implied, judging by the fifth film’s title, that they might return. It was vaguely established that Grimlock and co. are part of an ancient order of knights which Optimus Prime may or may not also be connected to. After beating up Grimlock, he convinced the Dinobots to team up to stop Lockdown. However, the Dinobots left the Autobots at the end of the film to go off and stomp on flowers or something. Considering both Optimus and the Dinobots were targets for Lockdown’s benefactors, hopefully they will cross paths again. And, for a little extra characterization, perhaps Grimlock tries to usurp Optimus’ leadership in his absence, leading to a bit of comedy and tension between the Autobots.

3. Flesh Out the Decepticons


A big flaw of these films are that the Transformers have been background characters in their own movies, so much so that you could replace them with an inflatable cow and wouldn’t be able to tell the difference. But at least the Autobots have had personalities, even some were stupid, paper thin, borderline racist caricatures that should never have been put on screen. As for the Decepticons, beyond Megatron, Starscream, and say Lockdown, the rest have been canon fodder. Sure you can make them look awesome, but what’s the point if they have no personality. Even the Terminator had traces of a character and he spent his whole movie with a blank face. With zero Decepticons left standing at the end of Age of Extinction, maybe we’ll see some ‘cons get some well needed characterization.

2. The Quintessons and Beyond


So, it was revealed in Age of Extinction that the Transformers were created by an extraterrestrial species known as the Creators, who also wiped out the dinosaurs with Transformium for some reason. And now, they want Optimus Prime back under their control. But why? There are many questions to be answered. It is likely that the Creators will be based on the Quintessons, a species of multi-faced aliens obsessed with twisted versions of the law and have Sharkticons for minions. What they intend on doing with Optimus if they capture him is unknown, but the teaser poster for The Last Knight may give some indication.

1. Nemesis Prime


In said teaser poster, Optimus is shown with glowing purple eyes and war paint. Now, if you are a Transformers buff like me, purple eyes imply a Transformer is being influence by Dark Energon, or the blood of Unicron. This would be a fantastic plot twist with Optimus taking a walk on the dark side as Nemesis Prime. With Optimus now on the other team, it would be a good opportunity for other Autobots to become the main characters. The likely candidate would be Bumblebee, but what if another character was forced to play of the role of the hero. Perhaps a certain Decepticon leader recently confirmed to be back in the film? Food for thought.

What do you want to see in Transformers: The Last Knight, and where could the series be taken? Sound off below or leave a comment on our Twitter feed.

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