6 Reason to Get Excited for Doctor Strange

In November 2016, Marvel Studios will present the latest of their movies—Doctor Strange. Dr. Stephen Strange is the Sorcerer Supreme in the Marvel Universe, meaning that he is one of the most powerful and important magic users. Dr. Stephen Strange was once an arrogant neurosurgeon, who was in a major car crash that limited the use of his hands. Afterwards, he goes on a journey of self-discovery in Tibet and became the apprentice of the Ancient One. There are a good number of reasons why you should be excited for Doctor Strange.

6. The Ancient One


In the comics, the Ancient One was the being that trained Dr. Strange and made him the Sorcerer Supreme. Traditionally though, the Ancient One was seen as a male, but in the movie will be portrayed by a woman. There were many Ancient Ones, so the Celtic mystic Ancient One is only one of many. I like seeing a woman in such a position to teach a major character something important. The character will serve as mentor to guide Stephen Strange’s development as a sorcerer and a character. From the trailer, it seems like she is going to turn the world upside, in more ways than one.

5. Karl Mordo


Who loves a well-written and complicated adversary for the heroes? Karl Mordo, so far, seems to be becoming one. Mordo was also a student to the Ancient One. The two have a very complex and intense relationship and both see the potential in Dr. Strange. Mordo will not only play the person that Dr. Strange must surpass, since they were trained by the same person, but each of their views over magic, its use and such will set up an intense battle. Mordo seems to be a compilation of many characters from the Dr. Strange mythos, so he’s not going to be as evil-hearted as the comic book version Karl Mordo.

4. Other Dimensions


With the introduction of Dr. Strange and the Thor movies, it opens the MCU to other dimensions and possibly other worlds. This actually can be an opportunity for Marvel Studios to finally make a deal with Fox about the X-Men and Fantastic Four properties. Crossovers are always good. In addition, there can be possibilities for alternate Earth storylines to be adapted to the big screen. Other dimensions also opened up the possibilities for different and powerful enemies to come through portals or something. Dormamuu anyone? Metaphysics can be quite intriguing.

3. Magic and Supernatural


Like my dad always said, Marvel has something for everyone. Iron Man is the technological futurist. Captain America is the patriot. Thor is the mythological hero. Black Widow and Hawkeye are super-spies. Blank Panther is a king. Spider-Man is the teenage hero. Ant-Man is the ex-con who trying to make himself a better person. Scarlet Witch is the enhanced, different one.

Skye and those on the Agents of SHIELD have the Inhumans covered. Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage are street-level crime-fighters. And Dr. Strange fulfils the magic and supernatural slot. Mostly everyone enjoys magic and how it’s done. The supernatural include anything from vampires, to witches to strange demons. Doctor Strange is another avenue in which the MCU can expand into anything really.

2. Wong


Wong is an awesome character. He is just the Sorcerer Supreme’s assistant/valet—he’s the guardian. Wong knows how to deal with magic and the occult, he can fight, and can multi-task and deal with any injuries and can cook and keep house. Wong’s supporting role is highly integral to Dr. Strange, because without Wong, there would be no one to keep an eye on the Sorcerer Supreme. He allows Dr. Strange to function as Sorcerer Supreme and do his duties and not worry about silly things like cooking or taking care of oneself.

1. Benedict Cumberbatch and Dr. Strange


I happy to see that Benedict Cumberbatch was cast as Dr. Strange. I like him. Dr. Strange is a harder character to portray in my opinion because of the character’s intensity. Dr. Strange isn’t really a superhero, but his position as Sorcerer Supreme and the fact that the Sorcerer Supreme is responsible for the protection of the world from other dimensions, wayward magic users, and ancient evils makes him a hero.

Dr. Strange does have his own adventures and storylines, but in the comics he is a character that tends to take on a mentor and advisory role to heroes like Spider-Man and super-teams like the Avengers because of his knowledge and wisdom in occult matters. Dr. Strange might be important in later stories in the MCU. Who knows maybe he might help when Thanos comes around? Or if Loki shows up again?

Dr. Strange’s stories were always a bit of fun, mystery and a little oddity. Dr. Strange is a character that has deep and significant character development as he came to understand the world. All my reasons to be excited for Doctor Strange does not mean that they are yours.  Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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