REVIEW: Marvel’s “Civil War II” Issue #0 & #1

Marvel Comics’ new crossover event Civil War II piggybacks on the release of Captain America: Civil War. In Civil War II #0, the whole situation is basically set up for the rest of the event. It introduces a new Inhuman, who will be a major part of the upcoming struggle. Ulysses was a normal college student when the Terrigan gas (that awakened the Inhuman DNA of heroes like Ms. Marvel a few years back) came around to this kid’s school. Ulysses can see the future in a very vivid and terrifyingly real way. The vision at the end is the destruction of New York City.

In Civil War II #1, the Avengers, the Ultimates, and the Inhumans teamed together to beat an inter-dimensional/cosmic destroyer (it’s not actually explained what it was). The heroes were victorious and they go have a party at the Avengers Tower. The Inhumans revealed that Ulysses was the warning about the being. Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, was excited because she had been trying to work to take more preventive measures against all the bad things that happen to Earth. Iron Man, Tony Stark, was wary though. He argued that they do not know this kid or what else his powers can do, that there were too many risk factors on relying on a new Inhuman seer.

The debate was dropped for the moment. Days later, Ulysses had another vision.


Mary Jane Watson arrived at Tony’s house with terrible news—Rhodey was dead (I admit when Rhodey crashed in Captain America: Civil War my heart dropped and I cried a little). Tony was beyond distraught and furious, mostly at Captain Marvel. She-Hulk was also hanging by a thread to life-support. Iron Man learned that the Ultimates went after Thanos and he was beyond livid. He told Captain Marvel that as far as he was concerned she was the one that killed Rhodey. Iron Man stormed off with full intentions to stop anyone from listening to any more of the kid’s visions. Then, She-Hulk flat-lined after she told Carol to fight for their future.

Civil War II #1 ended on an epic downer.

The Inhuman inclusion into a major crossover should prove to be interesting, especially since they try to stay out of major events. Ulysses’ power proved to be useful, but problematic. The epic fight of heroes versus cosmic being was awesome. The Ultimates taking the fight to Thanos was awesome but probably not so bright.

However here’s the major issue with Civil War II. Marvel Comics basically took the plot of hero leader versus hero leader over morality issues from Civil War and a war over a super-powered teenager/young adult from Avengers vs. X-Men, slapped them together and Civil War II was born. The battle lines were drawn: Team Iron Man versus Team Captain Marvel. In the first Civil War and in Captain America: Civil War, Captain America was more right than Iron Man. However, Captain Marvel is definitely teetering on the edge of being wrong. Is it wrong to fight for the future? No. But how is the question.

Civil War II is going to have major ramifications on the Marvel Universe. When heroes battle over major morality issues, friendships are destroyed, families broken up, and the darkest parts of the heroes come out. The next issues surely will be just as dramatic and devastating to some fans out there. 

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