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PRESS RELEASE: Torsobear Volume 3 On Kickstarter This September

Torsobear Volume 3: Back to the Blocks – Live on Kickstarter this September!

Torsobear tackles murder, corrupt authorities and imprisonment through a storybook lens.

Detective Ruxby Bear has been a hero cop, held prisoner on corruption charges, and now he fights for rights as the imaginary city of Toyburg is torn apart by unrest.

The book is offered via a Kickstarter campaign, and first week pledges will get a special sketch from the creator on the inside front cover of the book, in addition to any other rewards for their pledge level.

The basic pledge packages for the book alone will be:

Digital price – $6.50

Hardcopy price – $20

Add Volume 1 &2 – $10 (half price)

Volume 3 FREE – Refer 5 friends who pledge.

“The toys want to tear it down, one bear fights to defend it, and for one cat playtime in the city is over.

Return to sweet Toyburg one more time, where the puzzle-piece streets thunder with voices raised against Mayor Huggington. In a police force of hired ex-villains, Ruxby Bear is one of the few real cops who pledge to protect and serve all toys.

Along with his old wooden friend friend Hazbrow, and wife Mytell, they must stand strong against the tyranny of powerful toys. Can they stop their fellow citizens from wrecking the districts, and the evil Copycat in his quest for chaos?

Fuzzy families, police and criminals all have their perspective on the rising chaos gripping Toyworld, and how they face the dangers will define them.

Ruxby gets real, because it’s time to clean up those blocks.”


Stories Included Are:

“The Saturday Morning Wars” – Kieran Squires, Gustavo Jimenez

“The Dearly Deflated” – Brett Uren, Faye Harmon

“Red Flag, Black Flag, False Flag” – Janos Honkonen, Saoirse Louise Towler

“The Old Ways” – Mike Orvis, Cassie Gregory

“Just a Walk Down the Blocks” – Brett Uren, Faye Harmon

“One Giant Robot for Toykind” – Frank Martin, Yen Quach

“And the World Smiles with You” – Brett Uren

“Snaplok and the Beautiful Machine” – Cy Dethan, Carlos Zamudio, Nic Wilkinson

“Through the eye of the needle” – Brett Uren

“The Rise of Stretcho Savage” – Glenn Møane, Renzo Rodriguez

“The Last Ballad of Carly” – Edward Norden, Charlie Hogg

“Childish Things” – Brett Uren, Stuart Uren

You can find out more and keep up to date at:

The Torsobear blog –

On Twitter with #torsobear

Read the original Torsobear story for free:

Expected release if Kickstarter is successful: December 2016

Page Count: 120 approximately

Format: Full colour

Please contact Brett Uren at [email protected] for more details, creator interviews and samples.


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