Top 6 Anti-Heroes Who Need Their Own Movie

Who doesn’t love an anti-hero? I’ll tell you who does though, the late 90’s and early 2000’s. I swear, every other superhero movie was a dark gritty anti-hero who played by their own rules and didn’t take crap from nobody! From Blade to Spawn to The Punisher, people seemed to love heroes that did things their own way.

But now with Suicide Squad, things might be changing. Anti-hero superhero movies might be making a comeback. So with that in mind, here are the top six anti-heroes we think should have their own movie! Because somebody has to give Hollywood ideas beyond reboots and sequels.

DISCLAIMER! The following is my own personal opinion. If you have a different opinion, I politely invite you to shove it.

6. The Sandman


This guy. This is my guy. Imagine Batman, but without the silly costume or the prepubescent sidekick in hot pants. You’ve got… The Sandman! *Sigh* No, not THAT Sandman. This is the Golden Age era noir superhero, not the skinny pale guy that I’m sure they’re going to mess up when he gets adapted, or the Spider-Man villain that they DID mess up when he got adapted.

Haunted by strange dreams, Wesley Dodds donned a trench coat, gas mask and fedora and decided to fight crime. Occasionally aided by his friend and love interest Dian Belmont, he was an example of a superhero detective that actually did detective work. Unlike OTHER heroes that just use a hyper advanced computer in their cave to do all the work for them!

5. Lobo


Awwww yeah! The Main Man! Originally a sendup of dark and gritty heroes of the 90’s, this intergalactic bounty hunter has gone on to become a fan favourite. A chain smoking, hover bike driving, badass, Lobo has kicked every single kind of butt from here to Rigel 9. Including your Dad’s.

Whilst appearing in several animated series and even a live action independent student short film, The Lobo Paramilitary Christmas Special, he’s never gotten his own theatrical film. But there have been rumours abound that changing since 2010. Guy Ritchie was going to direct, but dropped out. Dwayne Johnson was going to play him, but dropped out. It looks like only time will tell whether the Scourge o’ the Cosmos will ever grace the big screen.

4. Moon Knight


I’m tired of talking about this guy. Not that he’s not worth talking about, it’s just… I’VE MENTIONED HIM SO MANY GODDAMNED TIMES IT’S INFURIATING! Every time I do an article about superhero shows or movies that should be made, I talk about this guy. AND NOTHING EVER HAPPENS!

I shouldn’t be too mad. I mean, I did go on and on about how they should do a Punisher show, and that’s getting made. But will nobody even consider thinking about maybe entertaining the possibility of making a movie with Moon Knight? Please? Anyone? I’ll be your friend.

3. Red Hood


Oh come on, DC. You know you want to! And yes, I know there was an animated movie involving this guy. But DC makes, like, a billion of those things a year. They don’t count. Shut up. In any case, at least it looks like they might be setting this up. And as long as they don’t mention the words “Arkham” or “Knight”, I’m good.

Robin is supposed to be presumed dead in the DCEU (which doesn’t sound as good as MCU by the way!), which sounds a lot like the origin of a certain Jason Todd, eh? Imagine Batfleck going up against a live action Red Hood! Hey, it’d be nice to see him fight another superhero for a legitimate reason for once. ZING!

2. X-23


With Hugh Jackman supposedly retiring from the role, despite his cameo in X-Men: Apocalypse, it might be a good idea to introduce X-23 into the fray. I mean, she’s got waaaay more baggage than Wolvie. Sure he had his mind wiped and such, but she was cloned from him and bred from birth to kill! Talk about your traumatic childhoods.

Not to mention the fact that we need more female superhero protagonists in movies. Especially anti-hero’s. The only two that come to my mind are Elektra and Catwoman. *Shudder*. Speaking of female protagonists…

1. Black Widow



“In the midst of the chaos following the Sokovia Accords, Black Widow’s past comes back to haunt her. Her former handler from the Red Room resurfaces and asks Natasha to track down and kill her former partner/lover, Alexei (codenamed Red Guardian).

Natasha and Alexei were tasked with infiltrating S.H.I.E.L.D. and assassinating Nick Fury, but Natasha had a change of heart after working closely with Nick and another S.H.I.E.L.D. agent, Clint Barton. After a failed attempt to convince Alexei to defect to SHIELD, a betrayed Alexei outed Natasha as a Red Room operative and she was pursued by Barton.

However, he believed her when she claimed she wanted to defect, and together they exposed Alexei, leading to his disappearance and S.H.I.E.L.D. dismantling the Red Room. Now, with Alexei on the loose and more dangerous than ever, Natasha must confront the sins of her past and stop him, before it’s too late.”

In short, Marvel… call me.

But what do YOU think of this list? Is it an awesome account of anti-heroes? Or an awful accident of epic proportions? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter! Meanwhile, I’m going to get working on my Black Widow script. I’m going to make this happen!

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