Top 6 Darkest Moments in Suicide Squad

No words can describe the insanity of the reaction of Suicide Squad. Some people love it so much, they are currently petitioning Rotten Tomatoes. Others still feel as though Warner Brothers is continuing to drop the ball on every DC property they attempt to adapt. But regardless of how you feel, we can’t deny that if Suicide Squad was going to give us anything, it was dark moments. After all, it is Warner Brothers’ trademark for any DC property. So without further adieu, here are the six darkest moments in Suicide Squad.

6. Griggs Tube Feeding Harley Quinn


A lot of the very dark moments in this film are subtle. And one of the first moments is a very short scene where Griggs, one of the security guards at the prison, is shown force tube feeding Harley Quinn. It’s not just the fact that Harley Quinn is being force fed. Griggs clearly gets a sick, sexual kick from torturing her in this way. This scene is combined with the information that she has been tortured before. When you factor all that in, the way Harley Quinn is being treated in comparison to the other villains of Belle Reve is dark.

5. Enchantress Taking Over the Subway


Seeing innocent people die and morph into other beings may be one of the more, easily recognizable dark scenes. It’s needed to set up the rest of the dark atmosphere that will follow as the team tries to navigate the dangerous city. It completely sets up the rest of the tone of the rest of the movie and is exactly the kind of wake up call the audience needs to kick off the main mission.

4. The Joker Shocking Harley Quinn


It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Joker and Harley Quinn’s relationship would somehow creep its way onto this list. Their relationship has been notoriously dark since its inception. But there are many interesting aspects that have been added to their relationship in this film. In this rendition, the Joker seems to genuinely care about Harley Quinn. He misses her and his entire mission throughout the film is to get her back.

There is a very brief moment where we are given a flashback of Harley Quinn’s origin story. In this version, the Joker is escaping Arkham and, as payback, he proceeds to use shock therapy on Harley Quinn. While this concept is dark in and of itself, there’s yet another added element to it: Harley Quinn appears to like it. She taunts the Joker to shock her and by this point in the film is already calling him “Mr. J”. It’s an interesting turn of events that allows us to look at Harley Quinn in a completely new light. She actively makes these choices which is something we haven’t seen often in her origin story.

3. Amanda Waller Shooting Fellow Agents


Viola Davis‘ performance as Amanda Waller is by far one of the best parts of the film. She plays the character absolutely perfectly. The moment when she shoots fellow agents dead on the spot simply because they “knew too much” says so much about her character. It also gives the audience a wake up call as to how ruthless she can be. We knew she was ruthless but killing fellow agents takes her character to a whole other level.

2. Harley Quinn Rejoining the Team


It’s a bittersweet moment when Harley Quinn rejoins the team. Most of Harley Quinn’s character development form this point has been focused around her relationship with the Joker. While it’s pretty obvious the Joker isn’t dead just based on how comic book movies go, Harley Quinn doesn’t know that. She has nowhere else to go and so returns to the team. She puts on a brave face. No one acknowledges what her returning means. It’s poignant in its refusal to completely acknowledge the situation.

1. Diablo’s Backstory


By far the saddest backstory was Diablo who, in a spout of anger, killed his entire family. When you think about the character arc for Diablo, how he refuses to use his powers until he is egged on, it’s very dark. He is one of the few villains that fully regrets what he’s done and that has to live with dire consequences. What’s more, his family was burned to death. Taking in the nature of their death, this is by far the darkest concept the film has to offer.

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