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PRESS RELEASE: Aldous Spark Now On Kickstarter

Aldous Spark is now live on Kickstarter!

Aldous Spark is a high-octane adventure in a world of black hat espionage, shadowy assassins, Vatican spies, and other deadly eccentrics.

Our story takes place in 1899 as a secret war is being fought for control of the 20th Century. At the center of the conflict is Aldous Spark, covert operative of the Black Moth Society, an underground collective of anarchists, dissidents, vandals, and other misfits. Together with his apprentice Isaiah, Aldous wages a silent war against the forces of power in an attempt to re-shape the modern era for the good of all.


If you’re a fan of foreign intrigue and espionage, heist films, secret societies or conspiracies, then this book is for you. It’s the first of four volumes introducing our quirky characters and their shadow world. The book will be printed in a beautiful, oversized hardcover format similar to a European album. Backers will enjoy additional content like secret coded messages directly from other Black Moth Society agents (bearing the seal of the organization itself!), artful and incendiary posters featuring Aldous and his adventures, signed works of original art, and more.


For more information and a closer look at the book, check out the Aldous Spark Kickstarter campaign!

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