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INTERVIEW: DIZEVEZ, Cover Artist of Transfer

This past month, I had the pleasure of reviewing Matt Garvey‘s Transfer #1, an excellent sci-fi comic with lots of action and lots of depth. With this comic came an equally excellent cover art by artist DIZEVEZ. Here at AP2HYC, we had the chance to sit down with DIZEVEZ and find out more about the rising artist.

AP2HYC: Transfer #1 was your first comic book work, how did you get involved with Matt Garvey?

DIZEVEZ: Matt Garvey contacted me after he saw some work I had posted on Mark Millar‘s Millarworld message board! He liked some of the work I had been doing and asked if I would like to do a cover for one of his new comics. That comic turned out to be Transfer #1!

AP2HYC: I’ve read that you only began your painting work within the past couple years, and yet your artwork exudes a style of someone who has spent years honing their personal flair, what is your art background?

DIZEVEZ: Yes, it has actually been a year and a half since I did what I would term as an “official” piece of art. My background is in film and tv post production. I have been painting for years, but the painting would be fixing problems with a film image, or matte paintings to enhance a set. Someone I know, who is a huge comic book fan, asked me to take a stab at making digital art for fun. And your point about flair was my toughest obstacle to tackle. My skills in film and TV were all about HIDING the work that I do. It was terrible.

My first works were missing life and and movement. I slowly realized that it was all about SHOWING OFF the work. Instead of whispering I needed to SHOUT!! So I started using more wild colors and compositions!

AP2HYC: What inspired the epic cover art you created for Transfer #1?

DIZEVEZ: I wanted to put a spotlight on the technology of “the transfer”, and to show how it brings death and violenceto the protagonist.

AP2HYC: Are there any particular comic book artists that inspire you/artists outside the comic book world?

DIZEVEZ: There are many! I love the comic art of greats like Michael Oeming, Alex Ross, David Mack, and Mark Silvestri. I love fantasy artists such as Julie Bell, Brom and Donato Giancola. And I am also inspired by many rising artists like Jen Bartel, Paulina Ganucheau, Babs Tarr, Bengal, Kevin Wada, Jake Wyatt, and Kris Anka. I also am always pulling from the knowledge that I have gleaned from working with great filmmakers.

AP2HYC: I’ve noticed a lot of your artwork is inspired by or a direct references to pop culture moments/stories, why is that?

DIZEVEZ: Ha! That is funny! I have never thought of that. Well, one of the HARDEST things to do, I find as an artist, is to look at a blank page and think “What the heck should I draw?”; It is easy when someone gives you job to do. So I find pop culture topics give a direction for your ideas, and also a reason to do a piece of art as it may attract more attention. There is nothing more deflating than to work hard on a piece of art and have no one pay attention to it!!

AP2HYC: Do you plan on continued work with Matt Garvey as the series continues? Or just with comic book cover art in general?

DIZEVEZ: Wow! You have some very pertinent and timely questions! I just finished completing a SUPER exciting promo piece for Transfer and will be doing all the covers for the run. I hope it will help garner a lot of attention to a great indie book. I do LOVE doing covers, and I would LOVE to do some mainstream comic cover work.

AND, further to the timeliness of your question, I am going to do my first INTERIOR work, on Matt Garvey‘s new comic The Ether.

For more on DIZEVEZ, visit her tumblr, or follow her on Twitter.

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