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John Hussey’ Favourite Comic Book TV Shows

Hey guys and welcome to another of my listicles. This time I will be tackling my favourite comic book TV Shows. Upon initial thinking I didn’t believe I liked that many Comic Book shows. But upon further thought it dawned on me that I liked more than what I thought, spanning from TV Shows, cartoons, and anime.

So without further ado I’m gonna try and tackle this challenge and narrow down some my favourite comic shows. But first I need to combat my indecisiveness.

8. The Flash


I really appreciate the Arrowverse for broadening my mind when it comes to DC Comic. These are characters that I never took an interest in but now I rave about them just as much as Marvel’s characters, which shows how much I’ve developed over the years. The Flash is a great show, if a little frustrating at times. The show has some great characters and some great chemistries which naturally progress as the seasons go on.

You really feel like these characters have been on a long journey and experienced a lot of tragedy but it’s nice how they’ve stuck together through thick and thin. Season 1 is definitely the weakest, with Season 2 being a stronger progression with the incorporation of the Multi-Verse, which has added wonders to the Arrowverse, and Zoom. I also really love how the show tackles the consequences of messing with time, with the beginning of Season 3 being some of the best examples of a paradox that I’ve ever seen, which is saying a lot considering I watch Doctor Who.

My only real gripe with the show is how Barry Allen falls under some really pointless and irritating hero clichés. This often leads him to making some really stupid decisions based upon his worries towards his loved ones.

7. Highschool of the Dead


Another pick from the anime genre. Highschool of the Dead is probably my favourite Zombie story of all times in terms of its ideas of characters and setting. Instead of the usual suspected survivors we have a group of high schoolers who have to combat the Zombie apocalypse. The great thing about this series is that it adds in a lot of usual anime tropes in which we have both the serious moments and comical ones. It’s nicely balanced out to be an entertaining product.

It’s not meant to be too serious. I mean it has teenagers going around and killing Zombies with samurai swords and guns for crying out load. But like I said it has the serious moments too, particularly when it comes to loss and the worries about how to rebuild society and the world they lost mere days ago. It’s more interesting seeing this from the perspective of young adults. I like how they are constantly adapting to this cruel world and in the process growing up.

The only downside of this series is the sexualised aspects. This can easily become distracting, particularly because it is frequently thrown in your face or has sections dedicated to it. Without a doubt this series is a product of Japan.

6. The Walking Dead


You’re probably thinking I’m contradicting my previous statement. Well it’s true that I prefer Highschool of the Dead‘s ideas but The Walking Dead is without a doubt a superior show due to its quality and engagement. There have been countless occasions the show has left me clinging to the edge of my seat as it toys with me. The show is filled with tragedy and a sense of complete dread. You never know how much longer your favourite character will stay alive.

The series has some of the best examples of characters. Rick Grimes in particular who progressed so much over the seasons. From being a deputy that stood by the law, to now being a complete lunatic that will do whatever it takes to keep his group alive. And the show has had its fair share of great reoccurring characters.

And what makes them so great is the fact that you care about them. Every time one of them meets a gruesome demise you cry. The attachment is strong and that’s what makes The Walking Dead so powerful.

On top of that I really love the main antagonists. Shane was an unstable villain for the first two seasons but then things got serious when The Governor turned up. This man was close to killing Rick and destroyed everything he was trying to build at the prison. And then we have the grand-daddy of them all: Negan.

Hands down he has become my favourite character due to his unbalanced and unpredictable nature. One minute he’s calm, with a smile on his face. The next he’s lost his shit and smashes someone’s head in with a barbed baseball bat. Really can’t wait to see how the battle between Negan and Rick pans out next year.

5. Supergirl


This show took me by complete surprise. I started watching Supergirl because of its connection to the Arrowverse and I really loved how it expands the universe. The characters are great. The narrative is enjoyable. And Supergirl is one of my new favourite superhero characters. She’s very innocent in her actions but always presents herself as being noble and willing to do the right thing.

Plus I love all the chemistries between the main cast. They all have a strong presence and purpose within the ongoing narrative. The most interesting is of course the relationship between Kara and Alex. Their sibling bond is incredible and it’s always fun to see how far they’ll go for one another. Then there’s the intriguing chemistry between Kara and Cat Grant (one of my favourite characters in the show). Despite coming across as bitchy, Cat has a lot of depth. I love seeing how the two characters bounce off each other and help the other progress.

The biggest surprise of Supergirl was how it made me actually like and appreciate Superman. Man of Steel started this trend but his extended cameo in the current season made my mind explode with excitement. I used to hate Superman because he was too “in your face”.

He could do anything and that made me feel less impressed. I thought of him as an overpowered, bland character that never took my interest. Now I want to see more of him. It’s lead me to want see the Arrowverse expanded further. I want to see more DC characters brought in. Maybe we can get a live-action Justice League television series? Also Martian Manhunter is awesome!

4. X-Men: Evolution


Like Dragonball Z, X-Men: Evolution was part of my childhood. This cartoon series was my true introduction to the X-Men franchise and still stands as my favourite variation. When I went into the X-Men film franchise I used Evolution as a means of comparison. Sadly the films don’t hold up to me because they don’t have the same excitement, character development and story telling as the cartoon did.

I really love how they incorporated all the different characters and developed them. Everyone of them had at least one episode dedicated to them. Then there was the fun, and often dramatic, interactions. And on top of that you had some of the best villains. Magneto was slowly introduced as a fearsome presence that even Xavier feared. We had Mystique portrayed as a rather manipulative, and emotionally damaged foe. Then there’s the eventual arrival of major X-Men threat Apocalypse.

Evolution was creative in its approach. It had the main characters regressed to teenagers and explored a narrative that had them slowly adapt to their powers and the world around them. We had many interesting arcs that expanded on the idea of acceptance, especially when they were exposed to the world. These ideas were used in rather deep ways and really enhanced the show’s progressive storytelling. As an added bonus the show gave us countless Wolverine moments where he got to be a total badass.

3. Marvel’s Daredevil


I recently got round to watching Daredevil and I wasn’t disappointed. I love the new “Superhero Age” we live in at the moment. We have so much content and means to explore these different characters. It’s seriously broadened my mind and allowed me to delve into so many interesting characters and stories.

Daredevil expands the Marvel Cinematic Universe by introducing us to Hell’s Kitchen. This corrupt area of New York houses a criminal organisation led by Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin. It’s left up to blind lawyer Matt Murdock to protect Hell’s Kitchen as a vigilante. The show is so juicy in the way it makes the narrative realistic and gritty. You feel the pain of the characters. The emotional baggage. And because of the realistic approach the show has more dangerous consequences.

I like how we get this darker variation of the MCU. Matt feels more vulnerable, especially because you know he doesn’t have the abilities that the other characters do. He’s not a god like Thor. He doesn’t have a high-tech suit like Iron Man. And he isn’t a symbol of hope like Captain America. Matt has to make his own rules and fight hard against the corruption which blocks him at every turn.

The narrative is very dramatic and extremely addictive. The world created in the Netflix universe is outstanding. It gives us fans more to stick our teeth into. It explores different themes and ideas that serve to only expand the MCU. What makes the journey of Season One even more impressive is the fact it takes all 13 episodes for Matt to establish himself as Daredevil. Without a doubt this is the best introduction of a Marvel character and I can’t wait to see where the story goes next.

2. Arrow


I love Arrow. The Green Arrow has become a personal favourite of mine thanks to the show. Though the show has had its ups and downs, and may not feel as impressive at times compared to its spin-offs The Flash, Supergirl, and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, it still stands tall. It has always made an impact with its strong protagonist and his difficult decisions. I love the journey Oliver Queen has endured. Each season hits him with something harder and it’s always exciting to see how he bounces back in order to protect his friends and city.

Like Marvel’s Daredevil, Arrow thrives on its grittier approach and showcases a lot of struggle. Oliver’s journey hasn’t been bright. It has been filled with tough decisions and life and death situations that have only made him stronger as a hero. It has been interesting watching his progression from a hated vigilante all the way to becoming a respected protector.

It’s also great to see the show progressing on multiple fronts. We’ve had the progression of the Green Arrow. The brilliant development of Oliver himself, especially in the way he views the world and respects his friends. And there are the flashbacks that constantly mirrors Oliver’s current situation and slowly shows us how he became the Green Arrow in the first place.

There have been so many great characters to follow, with Season Five only adding to the roster. Each of these characters have had fascinating progression throughout the show and it’s hard looking back to the very first season because of how much has changed. On top of this we’ve had some fantastic DC villains join the show, such as Malcolm Merlyn, Deathstroke, Deadshot, Ra’s al Ghul, Anarchy, and Damien Darhk.

1. Bleach


Okay, I can confirm that this is definitely my favourite Comic Book series. Yes the manga is better because it has a better pace, keeps to the point, and isn’t interrupted by filler. And also it actually has a final arc! But still, Bleach is a fantastic series. Yes it’s over 300 episodes long but it’s worth the time and patience. It has a clever interpretation on the afterlife, with Soul Reapers subbing as Angels whilst Hollows sub as Demons.

Then there is Ichigo Kurosaki, out protagonist. He’s a cool character and I like how honourable he is. He’s always willing to keep fighting in order to protect those he loves. I also really love Rukia Kuchiki. I think she’s a wonderful secondary character because of her humour, intelligence, and hidden depth. It’s especially interesting in the manga when she finally gains her own bankai (and it is badass).

Then there’s Renji Abarai who at first starts off as an adversary for Ichigo but later becomes one of his trusted friends. But what I like the most is their comedic, but respectful friendship. I could go on and on about the well-crafted characters in this series. But Rukia and Renji are particular favourites of mine.

The story-arcs are really engaging and test the characters in many intriguing ways. There’s a lot of development throughout. A lot betrayal. And a shit ton of revelations. Most of them were spoiled for me but they still made an impact. Without a doubt “The Arrancar Arc” remains one of my favourite narratives of all times. It has great pacing. Lots of fantastic developments. A great set of villains with the Espada, with Ulquiorra, Grimmjow and Stark being my favourites.

And how can I go without talking about Sosuke Aizen. He’s a total badass in the way he’s such a calm, and manipulative villain. Throughout the series Aizen has manipulated everyone around him. It’s even revealed that Aizen has shaped Ichigo’s journey (which is expanded further in the manga). I really liked how it appeared that Aizen was always in control and that nobody could stop him.

It made him a frightening villain because he appeared unstoppable. That’s why his defeat is so memorable because for the first time he isn’t in control and Ichigo has surpassed him. Despite his imprisonment Aizen continues to grow stronger than ever before, making his return in the final arc of the manga all the more sweeter.

And there you have it. My extremely long list of favourite comic book TV shows. I really hope I didn’t bore anyone along the way. I have been told countless times that I like to waffle and repeat myself. And I’m also very indecisive! Anyhow, what are your favourite Comic Book shows? Please join in and share your lists either in the comments below or on Twitter!

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