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Megazord and Rangers Go into Overdrive in New Power Rangers Trailer

There’s no other way to put it: the Power Rangers movie trailer is awesome in every sense of the word. It gives us the sense that the franchise as a whole is all grown up now and ready to take a more serious approach to the storyline.

Of course, while the trailer may be flashy, there is still plenty to fear with this upcoming film. The Transformers series certainly proves that an awesome trailer means absolutely nothing when it comes to the finished product. In fact, I expect this film to mirror the first Transformers movie in terms of tone and overall attempt at a reboot. I expect it to have amazing visual effects and a sense of nostalgia but overall in terms of story not really deliver.

First and foremost, it’s clear they have upgraded the look at feel of many of the characters. Some of these are a much needed upgrade such as Zordon. While we will miss the cheesiness of his look in the 90s show, this new look where he meshes into the wall as his face rises and falls with the grid fits exactly what it seems like the franchise is trying to go for.  Alpha 5 is also given a less comedic appearance but will still clearly serve as comedic relief.

There’s also no getting around the elephant in the room and that’s Rita Repulsa. While it’s clear her backstory is completely different from the original show, having her as the Green Ranger gone rogue could make for an interesting storyline especially if they plan to do a sequel film that would potentially introduce Tommy as the Green Ranger. For now, we’ll have to wait and see where this part of the story takes us but we haven’t completely lost faith in this just yet. Although, it is a bit worrying to see Rita looking as a “typical witch” rather than a once fallen Power Ranger. Let’s just hope her character isn’t too similar to Enchantress from Suicide Squad where she possess little to no interesting character traits and is just there to be a villain. Say what you want about the original Rita, but at least she had a clear personality.


While it’ll be interesting to see them take on a more serious tone for a series that is not very serious when you think about it, it’s good to see that they’re acknowledging the faults of the original series. The reference to the original Black Ranger is by far the funniest part of the trailer and hopefully we’ll get more jokes that are self aware throughout the film.

As it stands now, this film can go either way. While I personally am not anticipating a huge success, the trailer proves that at the very least we can expect some amazing action sequences that will bring us back to what we love about the Power Rangers.

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