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REVIEW: They Came From Planet Earth #1 Perfects Tension and Suspense

Are you after for a survival sci-fi horror story? Then They Came From Planet Earth is for you.

Done in a black and white style reminiscent of the 1950s classics, the comic has a strong Lost in Space vibe. Those who enjoy sci-fi of that period or survival stories will find a familiar story filled with moments that fans of this genre will love.

Years after Earth discovers that the moon is actually an alien-made device that contains a wormhole, astronauts are sent on a mission to see what is on the other side. Once through, the shuttle crashes and they discover a jungle inhabited by anthropomorphic, man-sized bugs riding giant spiders. Will they survive and will Earth’s mission control discover what happened and bring them home?

One thing this comic really excels at is the way it creates tension. From when the shuttle crash lands to the reveal of the alien lifeforms, suspense oozes from every panel and leaves one guessing what is going to happen next. In one of the best sequences, one of the astronauts has to keep still as hundreds of bugs crawl on her as to not give away her position. It is an excellent creepy-crawly moment and the highlight of the issue. Suffice to say, if you have a fear of bugs, this comic will severely test your anxieties.

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That being said, while certain moments and scenes are effective, the issue does have flaws.

I found the plot quite clichéd and while there is a revelation at the end of the issue that seems to set up future complications, I think I may know where it is going. I won’t go into specific details, but it seems the story is either setting up more characters or the crazy origins for the bugs that are threatening our protagonists. This is only the first issue however and there could be some great twists further down the road.

I would also like to see the comic delve deeper into the back story, which is touched upon early in the comic. The concept of the moon being something far more sinister than we presume is an intriguing one; in fact, it could have its own story, or at least a little more room to breathe in the first act.

While not the most original or best example of its genre, They Came From Planet Earth has enough effective elements to create a fun and suspenseful read. It left me intrigued as to where the story will go; here’s hoping for some non-predictable twists and story expansion in future issues.

If you are interested in reading They Came From Planet Earth, you can buy the issue in print or digital. If you have read this comic, tell us your thoughts in the comments below and/or on Twitter.

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