Totally Awesome Marvel Superhero Slot Games Know To Mere Mortals

What’s the point of playing a superhero game for free if you can win money while at it? And I don’t mean playing some online game for decades to win a rare drop of loot and then sell it to some random rich kid for a couple of hundred dollars.

I’m talking about the real deal here – playing games at http://casino-au.com/free-online-pokies-australia. Superhero slots are actually a big deal right now among Marvel fans as a variety of new games with prominent jackpots just hit the shelves.

Why are they so cool?

First of all we are talking about casino slot games themed to fit either the traditional or the cinematic Marvel universe. The art style of these games is simply jaw-dropping.

The game play and mechanics rock the world. And. Most importantly, you are free to help Spiderman save the day while making a couple of hundred un-taxed bucks. Neat, right?

Let the games begin

What are these out-of-this-world games we are talking about?

  • The Incredible Hulk. Ever wanted to play it big like the good old Bruce Banner on his worst day? Enjoy a fair total of 25 free games as the entry bonus and the remarkable X5 multiplier while at it and don’t forget to show some muscle!
  • The Avengers. If your jackpot can’t be safe we shall avenge it! This one is one of the newer and more prominent games on the frontier. The payouts are lightning-fast. Plus the game is based solely on MCU movies which has opened and entirely new fan base for it.
  • X-Men: Scratch. A impressive maximal payout of $37.000 probably helps the fact that this game is based on movies not comic books. The game has fun mechanics as well. You will be scratching a lottery ticket with the claw of wolverine himself.
  • Ghost Rider. This game probably has some of the best 3-D animations known to the world of gambling. Additionally, the game has series of impressive bonuses and an impressive jackpot.
  • Marvel roulette. What can be better than a classy game of gentlemen in a pleasant company of some of Marvel’s best known superheroes like Spider-Man, Captain America, Iron Man and Wolverine?

Bottom line

Sure these games are not meant for kids and I do encourage responsible gambling but if you are an adult and you feel lucky – why not swing the web of success?

All of the payouts are un-taxed meaning if you win all of the money are yours. That’s a great additional source of income if you are keen with betting strategies. If you still have any questions – feel free to ask them through the comment section below!

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