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6 Things We Want to See in Powerless

Powerless is a show set in the DC Universe that is a comedic look at the lives of average, powerless, non-vigilante employees at an insurance company, Wayne Security, owned by Wayne Enterprises. The non-serious tone of the show does bring up the question about superheroes and the battles and how they in fact, destroy the city, property and injure normal folk (even if is all accidental). As it is based on the DC Universe, we are sure to see a ton of Easter eggs, cameos and mentions of the famous characters, even if we don’t see them. Here’s the list of what we want to see in Powerless:

6. The Job of the Group


Honestly, the job of selling insurance and taking insurance claims seems pretty damn boring. However, it will be interesting to see how it works with superheroes and villains running a-muck. For instance, say you are a resident of Gotham City, and Joker and Harley Quinn steal your car—do you have to have special insurance like supervillain anti-theft coverage and superhero coverage? And do the superheroes have to have insurance, because let’s be reasonable some of the damage is their fault? If Superman accidentally gets thrown into your apartment in Metropolis, does his insurance have to pay you for the damage? There’s just so many details to have in such cases.

5. Lesser Known Heroes and Villains


In the pilot we are going to see to D-List heroes that I never knew about until I just had to look them up. Crimson Fox and Jack O’Lantern are the first two heroes that will appear in the show. I think that we are going to see a lot of lesser-than-lesser known heroes and villains on-screen, because it is probably easier considering the Arrowverse and the DCEU all have their interpretations of characters. I mean, do we really need another version of Superman with the DCEU’S Henry Cavill and Supergirl’s Tyler Hoechlin out there?

4. Character Development

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The main cast of the show, I hope, we get to see some great character development, especially of Vanessa Hudgen‘s character Emily Locke. I want to see all the characters interact and the relationships that develop, because the show is about them and not the superheroes. I’m excited to see Van Wayne in action, I mean, Bruce’s cousin from the Wayne side of the family. Does that mean that Thomas Wayne had a brother?

3. Real World Meets Super World


Like I mentioned, there are a lot of details concerning superhero interaction with the average folk. Laws, for instance, have to have changed with superheroes and vigilantes helping police and other law enforcement officials. I can imagine the ADAs and Das after the appearance of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, etc., struggled with any cases that they dropped into their laps because how can you call a superhero as a witness, especially if you don’t really know who they are? I can also imagine that there would be people highly uncomfortable with superheroes and villains alike—for one reason or another. It will interesting to see how it’s done in a humorous setting.

2. More Famous Villains


Other than some D-list villains, I’m hoping that we get to see some more well-known villains. Maybe not Lex Luthor or the Joker on-screen, but maybe like Cheetah, Black Adam, Black Manta, Oceanmaster and the like. Villains that we know but not the most famous. There should be some mention of trials against some villains, in the least, in passing on the news or something.

1. Cameos by Heroes


Bruce Wayne/Batman will probably not be a cameo, but I will throw a hissy fit if I don’t see someone from the extended Batman family appear on the show at one point. I mean, a live-action Dick Grayson or Tim Drake is not out of the realm of possibility. Even Lucius Fox, Luke or Tam Fox could reasonably show up. Maybe they can use some newer Batfamily members like Harper Row, or fan-favorites like Cassandra Cain and Stephanie Brown. The major heroes like Superman and Flash or Green Arrow or Supergirl won’t obviously show up, but maybe we can see others like Green Lantern, Beast Boy, Starfire, or others that don’t have a live-action depiction yet. I would be happy to see them.

I’m sure that the show is going to be a lot of laughs. We don’t know what direction of the show will go in—I highly doubt there will be an overreaching plot, more like an episode-to-episode deal, which will be a big refreshing considering the Arrowverse shows and Gotham all have half-a-season or all-season big plots. A less serious look at the world of superheroes throw the eyes of the ordinary seems like it may payoff in the end. What do you think? Do you think that it’s going to fail after only one season? Or will it might get fans excited especially with Wonder Woman and Justice League later this year.

Are you excited for what Powerless might bring to today’s superhero culture? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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