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6 Reasons to Get Excited for Justice League

Justice League is slated for release in theaters for November 2017. It’ll be the first time that the Justice League will be on the big screen and live-action. Considering that this is the Justice League, the fans have very high expectations for the movie. Well, at least, I do. The release of Justice League will come after the summer premiere of Wonder Woman, so the DCEU is definitely trying to catch up with the MCU. The whole plot of the movie is that Steppenwolf is on the hunt for three Mother Boxes hidden on Earth for Darkseid. There many reasons why you should get excited for Justice League, but I’ve narrowed them down to six reasons why.

6. Steppenwolf


Steppenwolf, for those that don’t know, is Darkseid’s uncle and one of the baddest dudes out of Apokolips. He’s powerful and scary. He’s gone toe-to-toe with Wonder Woman and Superman in the comics. He has a mission in this movie—to retrieve the Mother Boxes hidden on Earth.

How did the Mother Boxes come to Earth in the first place? Who brought them there? Are we going to see hints of a greater story to come? How did humans get their hands on the Mother Boxes, only to hide them? Steppenwolf is a big enough big bad for the Justice League to get together and face the threat, especially since his arrival definitely screams that when he fails, Darkseid will be coming next.

5. Cyborg


Cyborg is obviously going to be a major part of the movie, considering his life was saved by using one of the three Mother Boxes. Cyborg’s origin is closely related to his New 52 origins, therefore his past as a Teen Titan doesn’t exist. Even so, Cyborg is one of my more favourite characters, because he’s young but he’s not stupid. He has a lot to deal with—like becoming a Cyborg in the first place, nearly dying and having that connection to Apokolips. I can’t wait to see him in action!

4. Aquaman


Jason Mamoa’s Aquaman is intimidating and everything the King of the Sea should be as fair and just. I mean, he goes to villages with fish for hungry people, that’s pretty heroic in itself. Aquaman in action will be pretty damn awesome. I hope that we will get to see images of Atlantis and maybe some other Atlanteans, like especially Queen Mera! I think that Aquaman will clash with Batman, because they both are leaders. We already saw that Aquaman also has a temper, but only when threatened. (Comics’ Aquaman meets GoT‘s Khal Drogo, though, anyone?)

3. Wonder Woman


Wonder Woman in Justice League will be a more well-rounded character because everyone will have seen Wonder Woman. Gal Gadot is an awesome Wonder Woman. Diana and Bruce have become friends and it seems like Diana is Batman’s second-in-command for the movie. In Batman v Superman, she was a reluctant tag-along but her sense of justice and righteousness prevailed over her long-since obtained realist view of the world and heroes. Superman’s sacrifice, however, has Wonder Woman working with Batman. Being the only lady hero, I expect that she will have some badass scenes.

2. Flash


Out of all the heroes, I’m looking forward to Erza Miller‘s Flash most of all for a couple of reasons. The first reason is his suit, which is based off of the Injustice video game and comics. I really want to see the suit in action and what it is made of and all those things.

The second reason is how the writers differentiate between Miller’s DCEU Flash and Grant Gustin‘s Arrowverse/CW Flash. We see shades of it in previews—Miller’s Flash is far more awkward and a bit more of a lone wolf type. Gustin’s Flash and his buddy, Green Arrow, are the two premiere superheroes/vigilantes on their world. As far as we know, there’s no Batman (though Gotham is referenced occasionally). And we definitely know that Supergirl and her super cousin live on another Earth (Earth-3) in the Arrowverse/CW. Gustin’s Flash is more mature and steady in who he is as a person (but honestly, not by much). Miller’s Flash lives in the shadow of the greatness of Superman and the badass mysterious Batman. It’ll be interesting see how it’s done.

1. Big, EPIC, Battle


The reason we all will watch the movie is see the epic final battle: Steppenwolf and the Parademons versus the Justice League (newly formed and with a no-longer-dead Superman). Honestly, it’s probably not going to be as awesome as the airport fight in Captain America: Civil War, but DC had better step up its game for Justice League’s battle against the bad guys. I’m sure we will get to see Superman and Wonder Woman face-off against Steppenwolf, while the others handle the incoming threat of the Parademons. Let’s hope that there’s not too much collateral damage this time when aliens invade (see Man of Steel).

We are nearly there in having the long-awaited Justice League movie. Hopefully, we will get some awesome trailers in the meantime to watch over and over. With ten months to go, we should get excited that we’ll have the Justice League on the big screen and see heroes other than Batman and Superman up there too!

What do you think? What are you excited to see in Justice League movie? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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