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PodCapers Ep 5: Logan Review (Full Spoilers)


Scott is joined once again by AP2HYC’s Editor-in-Cape, David Molofsky, to discuss Hugh Jackman’s final X-Men film – Logan. In their full-spoiler review, the pair discuss the film’s great successes as well as Jackman’s legacy. They also get into some nerdy nit-picking, talk about the Old Man Logan comic, and what the future holds in store for the X-Franchise.


Plot Discussion – 05:30

Old Man Logan Comparison – 15:15

Characters – 21:45

Nitpicks & Plot holes – 50:25

Hugh Jackman – 1:11:50

Final Thoughts – 1:22:10

Post-Credits: Bonus Disney Impressions – 1:26:50

About the author

David Molofsky

David is the Founder & Editor-in-Cape of AP2HYC.