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Wolverine’s Top 6 Moments From the X-Men Films

With the release of Logan recently we have come to the end of Hugh Jackman’s run as the world’s most popular mutant, and it could possibly be the last time we see Wolverine on the big screen. To celebrate the run of one of the best comic book movie characters let’s take a look back at his greatest moments. These are the moments that made us cheer, feel and cemented Hugh Jackman as the one true Wolverine. Also spoilers for Logan. If you haven’t seen it yet wait and read this list after you have.

6. “Go F— Yourself”


Wolverine only makes a quick cameo in X-Men: First Class, but what a cameo it is. Being approached by Professor X and Magneto for recruitment into the X-Men he responds with the F bomb without even moving away from his cigar and beer to acknowledge them. It is a hilarious scene that also captures Wolverine’s loner nature and lack of diplomacy. It is also one of the best uses of the one F word in a PG-13 rated film rule I have ever seen.

5. “Every time”


In the first X-Men movie after he decides to give Rogue a ride she asks if it hurts when his claws come out. He responds with a simple answer “Every time”. To me and I think a lot of people this was the moment that sold Hugh Jackman’s performance for them. The way he says this line and the look on his face you can see all the years and pain he has had to go through with his powers and life. It showed how the filmmakers got Wolverine and knew what it was that made him tick.

4. “What are you?”  “The Wolverine”


In The Wolverine, Logan is living in the forest struggling with his guilt over having to kill Jean Grey and wanting to live separate from the world. Taken to Japan he has to face who he is and what his role is in the world. After confronting the loss of his powers he faces off against Shingen who wonder what is Wolverine after being unable to kill him. Logan answers definitely that he is “The Wolverine” before killing him. In this one moment and declaration Logan finally accepts his fate and who he is. He is the ronin who will fight for those he cares about even knowing that because of his power he will outlive them and have to deal with the pain of losing them longer than most.

3. Logan’s Opening


Logan has one of the boldest opening in a superhero movie. We find Wolverine on the side of the road in a limo, drunk, trying to protect the car from a bunch of punks who want to steal the rims. It is an interesting to open the film and fans see an older, broken Wolverine who has fallen far. Instead of being a member of the X-Men he is now a chauffeur and is mostly worried about his job then saving the world. It is an eye opening beginning that shows how Logan will be different from everything that has come before it and showing how this is a R rated film and showing us how brutal Wolverine really is.

2. Berserker Rage in the Mansion

Wolverine Action

As marvelous as Hugh Jackman’s performance was in X-Men the limited budget and rushed schedule left things a little wanting in the action department. Luckily in X2 the budget was increased and the schedule was not as tight to free up the film and we got the first great Wolverine action scene, and it probably is still the best one. As Stryker’s soldiers attack the mansion Wolverine unleashes his berserker rage to protect the children. It is an exhilarating and crowd pleasing moment seeing Wolverine tear into the soldiers and made millions of childhood dreams come true.

1. Logan’s End


Logan is the best of the solo Wolverine films and arguably the best X-Men movie. It is an emotional, gut punching ride that thrills and leaves you an emotional mess. 

This is best represented in the amazing ending of the film. As Logan injects himself with a drug to restore his powers he goes on one last berserker rage to save his daughter and the mutant children. It is a great action scene but also shows his last stand and his willingness to die for the right thing. Then comes the emotional ending as he dies holding Laura’s hand. It is a perfect way to end Wolverine’s journey as he finally accepts his daughter and finds the selfless love that has alluded him.

After seventeen years and nine films it is now time to say goodbye to Wolverine, at least for a while. I do not know if any actor can ever take over this part after the wonderful job Hugh Jackman has done. These moments represent the best of his work, and the work of all the talented filmmakers who brought Wolverine to life. For these and many more great moments, I thank you on behalf of comic book fans everywhere.

So what do you think of our list?  What are some of your favourite Wolverine moments in the X-Men films?  Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Twitter!

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