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PRESS RELEASE: Coronary: Episode One Now On Kickstarter

Coronary: Episode One is live on Kickstarter!

“Plastic Surgery; Fashionable, free of charge.”

London is no longer sane, dominated by surgeons, lifestyle coaches and pill-pushers. And even these lines have been blurred. Within the madness, an unsettled businessman reconsiders the course of his life when a young lady crashes into it. But she doesn’t want him, or anyone.

Justin must put his business aside and concentrate on what it means to live, love, and be loved in return. He started the mania, and there are those both legal and criminal that intend to finish it. Luna hopes he can gain his recompense…while he is still breathing, that is.

Coronary is a contemporary graphic novel, with young adult influences. It explores what it means to love in a loveless and deranged society that is pushed to the limit. Coronary discovers the effects of a world becoming increasingly shallow and materialistic. Further, it examines what this implicates about our own sources of familial and romantic love.


Author Bios:

Ryan Burke: Ryan always had an attraction to writing. Whether it was writing painful poetry in the painful romances of his teenage years, or something with at least basic structure. Ryan eventually chased this desire for writing creatively to London. There he cut his fingernails on short stories, film scripts, poetry, journalism and everything in between. He finally graduated with a degree in Creative Writing, and a strong addiction to writing comics. His admiration of the great works before him, and the sheer beauty of the craft has led him here.

Joel Saavedra: Joel is what you’d call a tireless worker and tireless creator. He hails from the sunny side of Rosario, Argentina. Both a comic book artist and graphic designer, Joel has published works such as Legionaries, Dogs of Rome, Red String, Darkest Star and Family Curse.

Working under the tutelage of Marcelo Frusin (Hellblazer, Wolverine, Loveless, L’Expedition), he has gone from strength to strength, and his work is truly phenomenal.

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Twitter: @ryanburkewriter


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