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PRESS RELEASE: Toronto Comics: Yonge At Heart Now On Kickstarter

Kick-start Canadian Comics with the Toronto Comics Anthology’s Volume 4 now on Kickstarter!

After two successful crowdfunding campaigns, the Toronto Comics Anthology is launching a new Kickstarter for Volume 4 called Toronto Comics: Yonge at Heart. This 210-page book features 21 new stories set in and about Toronto, all created by local comic writers and artists.

The Kickstarter will run from March 1, 2017 until the end of the month. Funds raised will go toward printing and shipping costs as well as paying the anthology’s contributors.

The editors, Steven Andrews, Aaron Feldman, and Allison O’Toole brought together a team of 39 local artists and writers. According to Jim Zub (Thunderbolts, Samurai Jack), “Toronto is a wellspring of creative talent and this anthology is a perfect way to introduce people to the next generation of Canadian comic creators.” Hope Nicholson (Secret Loves of Greek Girls, Nelvana) says “The talent in Toronto is incredible, and this collection goes a long way to highlight the depth, ability, and diversity of emerging comic book storytellers in this city. Watch these names – if you don’t know them yet, you will soon!”

Both the first two crowdfunding campaigns vastly exceeded their goals, proving that Toronto audiences are hungry for stories starring the city they love. Volume 4 features a forward by Jeff Lemire (Essex County, Moon Knight) and a new cover by Adam Gorham (Rocket!, The Violent). The book will be debuting at TCAF on May 13-14, 2017.

About the Toronto Comics Anthology:

The Toronto Comics Anthology is a annual series dedicated to celebrating upcoming GTA creators. It brings together indie veterans with years of experience, and fresh newcomers being published for the first time. The series has sold over 2,500 books since it began in 2014, and Volume 1 and 2 were both nominated for the Gene Day Award at the 2015 and 2016 Joe Shuster Awards.

Volume 4 will feature work by brand new writers and artists as well as more experienced creators including Fred Kennedy (The Fourth Planet, True Patriot), Shawn Daley (TerraQuill, Samurai Grandpa), and many others.




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