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Rachael Smith’s Patreon Features Hilarious Comics, Postcards, & More

Do you like fun comics about relationships, everyday life, and cats? Enjoy getting postcards with custom sketches on them? Looking for your next webcomic addiction?

Writer and artist Rachael Smith is offering all that and more on Patreon!

If you’ve never heard of Rachael, she’s the creator behind comics like Wired Up Wrong, The Rabbit, House Party, and the always helpful Ask Flimsy. My personal favourite though is the diary comic she publishes three times a week on Patreon. It’s a fun, slice-of-life comic reminiscent of the old newspaper strips I used to read as a kid.

face mask

I’ve been one of Rachael’s Patrons for months, and her diary comic always makes me smile. She’s also great about taking requests for sketches on the postcards, and I’ve got a few of mine displayed on my fridge.

Here’s a bit more about the Patreon in Rachael’s own words:

So, what is Patreon?

Patreon is a great way to support artists like me to make more of what they love making, and for me that is COMICS. For a small payment every month you get lots of *exclusive* content in return. Exciting!

But I already buy all your books and stuff…

First of all: THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Second of all: please don’t feel obligated! Buying my books, following me on social media, saying nice things to me at conventions…it’s ALL support which I am really grateful for, so if you’d rather do that then that is fine with me!

OK, so if I support you what do I get in return?

That’s a great question!

If you support me for $3 per month you get:

*Access to my Patreon-exclusive diary comics. New ones every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.
*You get to see the new ‘Bess’ page updates a week before anyone else. Updates every Thursday.
*Behind-the-scenes photos of what I’m working on at least twice a month.
*I’ll always open pre-orders for new creator-owned books and merch on my Patreon first, so you get first dibs!

If you support me for $10 per month you get:

*EVERYTHING at the $3 tier
*A Patreon-exclusive, Rachael Smith-designed postcard delivered to you every month! Each one comes with a little message and mini colour commission on the back. You can even tell me what you’d like me to draw for you!

If you support me for $50 per month you get:

*EVERYTHING at the $3 and $10 tiers
*I’ll post you an original, signed, A3 comic page every month. It could be a page from one of my books, a Doctor Who comic, or something new I’m working on. It’s be rad, though.
*If I’ve been sent any comp copies of comics I’ve been involved with that month I’ll also throw a signed one of those in too.

FUN FACT: As soon as you agree to support me, ALL the Patreon-exclusive content that I’ve posted so far will be available for you to read through at your leisure! At the time of writing there’s currently 159 posts at the $3 tier. That’s a lot of comics to read!

If you want to find out more, head over to Rachael’s Patreon page today!

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