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Wonder Woman’s Third Trailer Dives Deep into the Heroine’s Past

The third Wonder Woman trailer was released a few days ago and it looked super awesome (at least, to me)! Wonder Woman is coming out this June and it is probably the only DCEU movie that I’m truly really excited to see. It’s the first full-length live-action feature film starring Wonder Woman, set during World War I primarily in England. Even though the original origin of Wonder Woman was set during World War II (like most other superheroes from the Golden Age), DCEU wasn’t going to do WWII again because of Captain America: The First Avenger. (The MCU and Cap got dibs on that time apparently). So here’s the breakdown of the new trailer for your enjoyment.

We get to see more Amazons! Yay! I believe the woman training Diana in the montage was supposed to be Philippus, the General of the Amazons and the right-hand woman of Queen Hippolyta. Diana was held to a higher standard because she was the Princess and future Queen of Themyscria. We learned from the movie that there is a secret about Diana’s birth that her mother was not telling her. I suspect that we’re going to learn that one of the gods of Olympus, be it Zeus or Ares, to be her father. In an earlier trailer, Diana told Steve Trevor that she had no father, so we’ll see how it goes in the movie.

Child Diana was adorable as heck. She asked a lot of questions and when she was shown the sword, her eyes lit up with determination. Little Diana was told that she was not going to be the hero that wielded that sword, so of course, she was determined to be the best warrior. Cue training montage from childhood to her adolescent years to adult Diana, played by Gal Gadot.

We see Diana and Steve arriving on the boat in England where Diana exclaimed that “it’s hideous.” Steve quipped “it’s not for everyone.” Considering that they’re in WWI-era London, it was a particular cesspool of pollution thanks to the various industries and no EPA-equivalent laws. Also, the more I see of Steve Trevor, the more I’m reassured that he’d not going to be the bland character that he normally depicted as in Wonder Woman comics. It probably helped that they cast Chris Pine as Steve Trevor.

There are more fight scenes that we already seen in the previous trailers, which are still pretty dang awesome! We get another humorous scene where Diana is trying to blend in with the Man’s World women as she tried to go through one of those revolving doors, carrying her sword and shield.  It didn’t quite work as Steve tried to help while Etta quipped that “it didn’t go with the outfit.” Etta Candy in this movie is going to be sweet.

So there you have. The new Wonder Woman trailer was just as awesome as the others. We got to see more of Diana’s home and other Amazons. We got to get a taste of Diana’s upbringing as a warrior. I really can’t wait until June! 

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