Rivers of London is Urban Fantasy at its Finest

Urban fantasy has become a staple in modern fiction. From American Gods to Supernatural, it is incredibly appealing to consume media that takes place in our world…but, with just a little bit of a magical flare. Rivers of London is no exception. Based on the book series of the same name, Rivers of London gives readers a dark urban fantasy series with unique characters and diverse world building that any fan of the genre will love.

The series of comics focuses on Peter Grant, a Metropolitan Police officer, who has been assigned to a special branch that deals with cases involving the supernatural and magic. Chief Inspector Thomas Nightingale is his teacher, by far the most badass character in the series. His dog, Toby, is equally entertaining and we can’t forget Molly, the housekeeper who never speaks but springs to life on every panel she appears in.

Rivers of London: Night Witch centers around a kidnapping case where the daughter of a Russian tycoon has gone missing, allegedly by a Leshy, a creature of the forest that has a knack for doing that sort of thing. With the help of Varvara Sidorovna Tamonina, a Russian/Soviet witch, Peter and Nightingale try to track down the missing girl. Night Witch is a genuine mystery that leaves you guessing at every turn. All the players involved undergo a game of cat and mouse and the finale is everything you are expecting for in a finale.


Similarly, Body Work has a great mystery as well. A car seems to be on a homicidal rampage and its up to Peter and Nightingale to figure out what made this particular car snap. This story also features Sahra Guleed, a fellow police officer who seems to get tangled in Peter’s cases, who has become a personal favorite of the series. The chemistry between the characters really shines in this issue and, once again, the ending is completely, pleasantly surprising.

And finally, there’s Black Mould, where instead of cars killing ordinary citizens, its mold that wants to strike fear into the hearts of anyone within its vicinity. Once again Sahra makes an appearance and the banter between her and Peter is particularly good in this one.

Overall, even if you are not familiar with the book series, if you are a fan of urban fantasy, this is definitely a read for you. The stories are all genuine mysteries that will keep you guessing. Additionally, the artwork is fantastic. Characters are really expressive in every panel, even secondary ones. Again, Molly has some of the best expressions in these comics whenever she shows up. And, when you’re done with these three compact stories, you can rest easy knowing that there are more on the way! I know I can’t wait to see what sort of mystery these characters will fall into next.

Rivers of London: Night Witch, Body Work, and Black Mould are currently available wherever Titan Comics are sold.  Rivers of London: Detective Stories #1 will hit shelves June 7th!

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