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The Dark Tower and Kingsman: The Golden Circle Trailers Offer Blockbuster Action

This is the time of year when we have a lot of movies coming out. This summer we have three superhero movies, Transformers: The Last Knight, and now the long-awaited movie based on Stephen King’s The Dark Tower series and the sequel to Kingsman: The Secret Serviceare coming. I am pretty excited about both The Dark Tower and Kingsman: The Golden Circle, seeing as I read The Dark Tower series and enjoyed the first Kingsman movie immensely.

Firstly, The Dark Tower trailer was so awesome! They made the best decision to have Idris Elba as the main character Roland Deschain “the Gunslinger.” He is one of best actors and totally a bada$$. The trailer is appropriately epic. We get introduced to the three main characters of the movie.  There is The Gunslinger, the Man in Black (played by Matthew McConaughey, which I’m kind of iffy about) and a boy from Earth named Jake Chambers. The stakes are high. The Gunslinger and the Man in Black fight over the Dark Tower. The Dark Tower is the linchpin of reality and if it is destroyed or put in the wrong hands, life is over.

We got to see Elba do some cool shooting and announcing that “I do not kill with my gun. I kill with my heart.” Woah, that’s just epic. I can already see that Elba’s character the Gunslinger and the boy Jake are going to form a bond like father and son. Even better, Jake wound up taking Roland to Earth, so that’s going to be startling for the Gunslinger for sure. This movie is going to be violent but thought-provoking. It is supposed to set up for a franchise. I am totally going to see it! It’s coming out in August.

Lastly, The Kingsman: The Golden Circle trailer looks completely, awesomely epic! The stakes are far higher in the sequel, with the trailer showing that the Kingsman headquarters (the mansion and the shop) being destroyed, and by destroyed I mean destroyed with oomph. The trailer had Harry/Colin Firth‘s character speaking to Eggsy about how it’s more than cool gadgets and clothes to make a Kingsman.

The song in the background after showing some hints of things to come was perfect. And Eggsy, Roxy and Merlin are totally going to America to get help from the American counterpart of Kingsman, the Statesmen. (By the way, it’s not in the trailer but all the American Statesman codenames are named after types of alcohol—i.e. Jack Daniels, Champagne, etc.)

There’s a great cast—Jeff Bridges, Channing Tatum, Halle Berry, Julianne Moore (playing the bad guy of the movie, so cool), Taron Egerton reprising his role as Eggsy/Galahad, and Mark Strong reprising his role as Merlin. The biggest twist of the trailer was Merlin and Eggsy looking through some footage finding that Harry was alive, who in the first movie was shot in the head by Samuel L. Jackson presumed dead. Boy, were Merlin and Eggsy shocked. Harry, the original Galahad and Eggsy’s mentor, is now an eye-patching wearing man locked in confinement. Who knows what’s going to happen there? Did he get brainwashed and working for Julianne Moore’s character Poppy? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out. It’s coming out in September.

Look forward to both of these movies. Sure they’re not superhero movies, but they are battles between good and evil. The movies provide interesting characters, too. There will be epic fights and cool explosions, so that’s something to look forward to!

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