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6 Things We Want in the Wonder Woman Sequel

Wonder Woman is an awesome movie. I’m so very happy that it was. She finally got a solo movie for herself after 75+ years. (Geez, Batman, Superman, think you can flipping share the spotlight every once in a while). Now, with all the success of the movie in terms of money-making and popularity with critics and fans alike, we totally get a sequel. I’m so excited, though I know that what I want in a sequel will not be what will be in a sequel. So this list is mostly what I want in a sequel Wonder Woman movie, though I’ll tell you what the likelihood is of it actually happening and what will probably happen. Here are 6 things we want in the Wonder Woman sequel:

6. Set in the 1920s


I’m probably the only one that wants to see the progression of Diana’s character development from her battles in WWI to the present day Justice League member. I hope the movie is set in the 1920s, because I want to see how Diana is dealing with grief and loss, but also with creating a new life in Man’s World. She can never go home again, so it’s a very sad thing.  Many know the 1920s as the Roaring Twenties, when the good times rolled and so did the booze and money, but imperialism still existed and the foundations for fascism were building. I want her fighting for women’s equal rights along Etta Candy, and want to see Diana grapple with the imperialism and colonization of many countries by a few ’empires.’

5. The Boys and Diana

the boys

I totally want Charlie, Sameer and Chief in the sequel, because I love them. I want them to be Diana’s backup and support (Team Wonder Woman, anyone?). In truth, I hope to see Diana taking care of them and be their friends and continue to bond with them. Since Steve and Diana outshone everyone in the first movie, we should get to see some character development for Charlie, Sameer and Chief.

4. Adjusting to Life and its Struggles

ww at the louvre

So, how did Diana legally become Diana Prince? Did the British government give her citizenship because of her heroism in WWI? Did Etta help forge documents for her? What happens when she doesn’t age? Will she have to move every 20 years or so? Does she go to college and get degrees (cause she totally could)? The loss of Steve severely hurt her heart. You see it in BvS where Diana is looking down at the fallen Superman being cradled by a crying Lois. There’s pain there, even after so many years. Does she ever really move on? Does she get another lover (be it male or female)? There’s just so many questions that need to be answered about the time between 1918 and present day.

3. Cheetah


I think that the second villain that Diana faces should be the Cheetah, who is the other character that is her iconic enemy. Ares may be Diana’s arch-enemy, but with Cheetah, it’s more personal and for a second movie, it should be exactly so. Due to imperialism and colonization, I can see Diana, Etta, and the boys hearing about some issues in Africa and wanting to save people’s lives and going there. It could be where Diana meets Barbara Ann Minerva, and befriending her.  Then, the tragedy and the bitterness happen and Minerva turning into Cheetah. Diana, in the comics, always felt that Cheetah could be saved and that is an interesting dynamic you don’t see much.

2. Etta and Diana

etta and diana

Every moment in Wonder Woman with Etta was superb, but she was totally under-used. I suspect that Etta will become Diana’s secretary and best friend, as she is meant to be. Diana and Etta being besties during the 1920s, fighting for women’s rights and navigating the wide-world together would be amazingly awesome! Together, they both loved Steve Trevor in their own ways, which I think could make Etta want to take care of Diana, because she knew how her friend and boss Steve felt about Diana. I would be okay with a whole movie about their friendship and how it juxtaposed to Diana and Barbara Minerva’s friendship.

1. Wonder Woman Being Wonderful


I expect great battles in the sequel. Wonder Woman’s fights against Cheetah should be epic, heartbreaking and bitter.  Wonder Woman dealing with the ingrained patriarchy (that totally still exists today, come on) and the imperialism and colonization of peoples. I can see now that she won’t be happy with it, but since the first movie, she understands that men do evil things but doesn’t mean that they can’t be saved. She believes in love and I think that Cheetah being her next enemy would be a perfect chance to show that again. She would want to save Cheetah, would try to find some way before fighting her. Peace and talk before violence.

I will be impatiently waiting for the Wonder Woman sequel. With the greatness of the first movie and Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman, I think that the second film with Patty Jenkins at the helm will be just as awesome. The two women love the character and her legacy so much too that I have faith that they will continue to do Wonder Woman justice on film (unless with meddling executives, then may fire and brimstone rain upon them). 

What do you think about my list? What do you want in the next Wonder Woman movie? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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