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Geek Girl’s Final Chapter Delivers a Cataclysmic Finale

WARNING: Major SPOILERS below for Geek Girl #4!

After just four issues, the solidly entertaining Geek Girl has come to an end. Or, at least an end for now, given that the cover says “Mini-Series Finale” which could imply Geek Girl could return in some other form. Whether or not that happens, creator Sam Johnson has given us an extra-sized final issue to close this arc in fashion. The issue is fast and direct while also devastating in some surprising ways.

Geek Girl #4 begins with Ruby, the alter ego to Geek Girl, having to defend her sexuality in class. The discussion is the role of sex and how it promotes the other heroes, such as Neon Girl, in more successful ways than Geek Girl. Even as she’s gone out and proven her worth, she is still incapable of measuring up to the other superheroes in Portland, Maine. This has been a recurring theme throughout; Geek Girl’s inability to become a confident hero. However, that gets tested when Lightening Storm returns to wreak havoc and Geek Girl is the only available hero to stop her.

Even though this issue is longer, it moves at a quicker pace. This is mostly due to that fact that there aren’t as many subplots going on. Other characters make brief appearances but this is Geek Girl’s show. This is her final time to prove herself, not only as a hero but as a girl too. This focus keeps the momentum going strong for the big showdown with Lightening Storm but always leaves a bit of an underwhelming feeling. We see the two characters who want Ruby’s glasses which becomes a small conflict that gets resolves rather quickly. We’re also still uncertain about the backstory of the glasses and how they became so powerful.

Fortunately, none of this takes away from the excitement of seeing Geek Girl throw a few swings at Lightening Storm. She is thrust into battle after a disturbingly scarred Neon Girl tells her she must fight for the city. As Lightening Storm and Geek Girl fight, Lightening Storm tells Geek Girl she reminds her of her younger self, a “…scared, helpless female.” This has been Ruby’s struggle all along, especially as she insists she only obtained these powers from a harmless game of strip poker. But as fitting as with any hero’s journey, Geek Girl finds the strength to defeat Lightening Storm.

What’s most shocking is where this comic ends. With the final blow to Lightening Storm, Geek Girl’s glasses get pulled off and the two of them fall to the ground. It feels like a cliffhanger but if this is the end, what does that mean? Is Geek Girl dead? Did she make the ultimate sacrifice? Or is this a red herring? It’s hard to say given that we’re told this is the finale. But again, finale could simply mean the end of this arc.

Where Geek Girl’s story goes from here is anyone’s guess. But with these four issues, Johnson has given us a fun, likable “Everywoman” hero. It’s nothing inherently new but it’s done well and all of the issues stand well while also complimenting each other. Any fan of superheroes or coming-of-age tales can surely find a lot to enjoy in this mini-series.

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