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Marvel’s Inhumans Trailer Predicts Show is Destined For Failure

The trailer for the Marvel television series Inhumans demands viewers to create their own destiny. Unfortunately, if the show resembles the trailer, then Inhumans is on a crash course to failure. The idea of an Inhumans television series has evolved from a film in Phase Three of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to an introduction in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Although, it’s more like a regression rather than an evolution. Set to debut in Imax theaters (boy, they really push that) on September 1st, and premiering on broadcast September 29th, the show will be piloted by Scott Buck, infamously known for running Dexter straight into the ground and for creating Iron Fist, a show lauded as the worst Marvel Netflix program. If Buck’s presence wasn’t promising enough, the trailer is the first but final nail on the Inhumans coffin.

The series will center on the Inhuman royal family of Attilan, led by the silent but deadly Black Bolt (Anson Mount) and his lady with a terrible wig Medusa (Serinda Swan). Life on the moon is swell until Bolt’s brother Maximus (Iwan Rheon) makes a pass for the throne in a plot to claim Earth for the Inhumans. The royal family escapes to Hawaii, where they must band together to protect themselves as well as the world. The fact that Black Bolt cannot speak presents an interesting challenge to the writers. He channels energy in his vocal chords, where a grunt can fling a police car down the block. In the comics, he communicates through his most trusted confidante Medusa or sign language. However, the trailer delivers neither.

Instead, it relies on Rheon’s voice-overs to tell the audience exactly what the core conflicts of the show will be. Perhaps because Rheon is the most well-known cast member, previously serving as the North’s other bastard Ramsey Bolton on Game of Thrones, is the reason why he’s so prominently featured in the trailer. In any case, Rheon and the whole cast highlight a glaring problem throughout the trailer: the acting is horrendous. Mount shows no emotion in the trailer. Facial expressions most likely play an important role for a character who can’t speak. Even when Swan attempts to break free from the Inhuman guards doesn’t look convincing. Arguably, the acting is far from the only issue with Inhumans.

This trailer is laughable in how God-awful it looks. This is supposed to be a Marvel property? The costumes, especially Medusa’s, look cheap, as if someone scrounged up a long forgotten cosplayer dress. The set designs are unimaginative, boring and generic. Ultimately, the worst crime committed in the Inhumans trailer is not treason – it’s not showing off all of the Inhumans. Namely, the trailer’s guilty of not giving the opportunity to get to know most of the characters or displaying their powers. Hell, the CGI Lockjaw has more of a presence than most of the royal family. Otherwise, the Inhumans trailer delivers Rheon’s over-acting abilities and Imax promotion. With Inhumans in Buck’s hands, the Marvel Cinamatic Universe television series is looking at another disaster waiting to happen.

What did you think of the Inhumans trailler? What was the worst part of the trailer, or conversely, if you loved it, what was the best part? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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