6 Heroes We Want to See in the Cosmic MCU

The truth is out there! Or more precisely, the endless possibilities of the cosmic-sized Marvel cinematic universe (MCU) is out there. There’s a massive pool of characters that Marvel can pull upon to populate this extended universe, however, here is our list of 6 cosmic characters we can’t wait to see on-screen.

At this point, I must add a disclaimer: the Silver Surfer is not on my list. Obviously, in an ideal world he would be very high on my list, but due to film rights we both know the odds of it are low at best. So, I will be focusing on characters that we actually have a chance of seeing.

6. Captain Mar-Vell

captain marvelledited

Here is a rather safe bet; I’m expecting Captain Mar-Vell to turn up in the upcoming Captain Marvel film. But will the MCU go down the route of the Kree plotting against Earth, or change the origins to something less conventional? With Mar-Vell having been both hero and villain in alternate comic storylines throughout the years, I think there is so much to explore with the character to keep us entertained and enthralled as an audience.

I would love it if Marvel used Captain Mar-Vell as the first true hero that we see fall and end up becoming a villain. The transition of righteous hero to beyond-redemption villain is a plot line we haven’t seen yet and I for one would love to see that emotional turmoil slowly built up to over several films.

5. Uatu The Watcher


I admit, I am stretching the use of the word “hero” here, however, most of Uatu’s interventions are for the side of good, so I don’t think it can be denied that at heart he is a good guy. With the recent appearance of the Watchers in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2, I’m assuming we will see a lot more of them. In particular, in Avengers: Infinity War, I suspect that they may have an instrumental role to play given their ability to reverse time. I am also not against the popular fan theory that Stan Lee is Uatu and that all his cameos are the same character throughout the ages.

Personally, if Marvel embraces this idea and makes it fact, I think it would be fantastic and would make those already very important cameos even more significant.

4. Moondragon


So, for a few of you that stick to mainstream comics, you might be asking “who?” right about now; if you are, I strongly recommend reading some of the Moondragon comic runs. Moondragon, whilst possessing great physical capabilities, has a true power in her telepathic skills, which I think the MCU could use more of. Throughout the years, Moondragon has been part of both The Avengers and The Defenders, but personally, I would prefer to see her in Netflix’s The Defenders, supplying a cool cosmic link to that arc. Plus, Moondragon has a very dark and sarcastic attitude, I would love to watch the friction that would bring when working alongside Jessica Jones.

I do have one other reason for wanting to see Moondragon in the MCU, and it is a bit of an obscure one In the comics, Moondragon is Drax’s daughter, who, unbeknownst to him for some time, isn’t dead! This storyline would require some changes since Drax’s origin story has been changed for the big screen, however, as James Gunn has already made clear, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.3 will be the last time we see this incarnation of the Guardians, so I think it would be great if Drax got a reason to feel proper happiness again.

3. Jack of Hearts


It was hard to pick between my second and third choice, but ultimately Jack of Hearts lands in third place on my list. His suit would definitely need an update, but that shouldn’t be enough to hold him back from the big screen. Jack of Hearts possesses pure cosmic power, in fact, it’s so strong he once re-ignited a dying sun. That dying sun happened to be the star his mother’s home planet orbited, Contraxia, which should sound familiar given its recent appearance in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2.

I want to see Jack of Hearts in the MCU so I can see one of my favourite darker storylines come into the films: Avengers Disassembled. In this story line, a crazed Scarlet Witch controls Jack of Hearts and makes him explode at Avengers HQ leading to the believed death of Scott Lang’s Ant-Man. It is such a dark chapter in Avengers history, I would love to see it play out on the big screen.

2. Beta Ray Bill

beta ray bill edited

I suspect most of you had already worked out Beta Ray Bill would appear on this list — it would be a shocking list if he didn’t. In the comics, Beta Ray Bill is the first non-Nordic character to prove himself worthy of Thor’s hammer, a feat that resulted in him being granted his own hammer, Stormbreaker. One of the great things about Beta Ray Bill is that he looks like a monster and possibly even a bad guy, but at heart, he is a true hero and acts accordingly.

With Thor’s last solo outing on the big screen failing to amaze, I can’t help but wonder if his galactic outings might be improved by bringing Bill along (though I certainly wouldn’t be against Bill getting his own film as well!) Beta Ray Bill was also a member of the Annihilators, a cosmic team formed to replace the fallen Guardians of the Galaxy; and with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 being the last incarnation of the current line up, maybe it’s time for the Annihilators and Beta Ray Bill to step up.

1. Nova


I have a feeling a fair few of you have been waiting for Nova. His list of powers is quite lengthy: flight, strength, invulnerability and energy absorption, which he can fire back at enemies. The comic origin of how Nova got his powers is that they were transferred to him after the last remaining Centurion of Nova Corps finds himself on earth, dying, and has no choice but to transfer his powers to the first available person. After the introduction of the Nova Corps and Xandar in Guardians of the Galaxy, which resulted in a large number of Nova Corps dying in battle, maybe their numbers have been reduced enough that this story may come into future MCU plans?

Additionally, Nova has teamed up with Guardians of the Galaxy multiple times, so if the Guardians are due to get a new lineup rather than going down the Annihilators route, can you think of a better leader than Nova? With all the canon the comics supply, Nova could easily give MCU multiple film plots, each exploring a different part of the all-new cosmic MCU.

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