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LSCC 2017 Comics Preview

This Friday, comic creators from around the country will gather for one of London Super Comic Con (LSCC). Looking at the list of creators coming to LSCC 2017 can be daunting – there are so many talented artists to choose from!

We here at AP2HYC know how you feel, so we took it upon ourselves to highlight some of our favourite creators to check out at LSCC 2017. From new comics on show to buying commissions or even just who’s got the most entertaining pitch, there’s something on the list for everyone.

If you feel you need more advice about attending a con, you can read or listen to my expert advice, including how to choose the right comics for you!

So, in no particular order, here are the creators we think you should check out at LSCC 2017:

 Awesome Comics Podcast

Let’s be honest – if you’re in the British comics scene, you probably know these guys already. Vince “Red Mask From Mars” Hunt, Dan “Vanguard” Butcher, and Tony “Vince Gives Me A New Middle Name Every Week” Esmond are the hosts of the Awesome Comics Podcast, as well as seasoned creators in their own right. The LSCC highlight from the trio is the debut of Vanguard Volume 2, Butcher’s fantastic British superhero comic. If you stop by their table for a chat, you might even make it onto their show.

Attic Studios

If you love the PodCapers logo, then a stop at the Attic Studios table is a must! Artist Dan Harris (who designed said logo) will be representing the gang that have brought such titles as Lou Scannon, Druid Investigations, and Bruce Outback. Come for the delightfully cartoony artwork, stay for the dick jokes.

Sarah Millman

Welsh artist/writer Sarah “Millmo” Millman is fresh off her massively successful Kickstarter campaign for NPC Tea Issue 3. You can pick up signed copies of the first two issues of the highly enjoyable fantasy series at LSCC, and hear more about NPC Tea in her appearance on PodCapers. For the more sci-fi minded, have a look at her other comic, Heart of Time, featuring time travel, scooters, and a pug.

Jon Scrivens & Andy W. Clift

If you’re in the market for some top-notch commissions, Jon Scrivens and Andy W. Clift are the men for the job! They have both worked on loads of comics in their time, including creator owned works (Bertie BearLittle Terrors) to bigger collaborations like Torsobear: Back on the Blockswhich will be available along with the first two volumes of the fluffy noir graphic novel series. Scrivens will also have some copies of Subversive Comics’ new title Super Robot Mayhem – which is pretty much what it says on the tin.

Sian Jefferson Illustration

Sian Jefferson will be returning to LSCC with her new book Soosh! about her weird little rescue cat and the strange stuff she gets up to. If you’re a cat lover or just think they might secretly all be jerks, then this could be the book for you. Sian will also be promoting her upcoming book Overlord, which is a fantasy graphic novel about a guy who accidentally becomes an evil overlord. The book is due to come out in November, so if that sounds like your jam, feel free to drop by her table for more details.

Avery Hill Publishing

South London-based publishing company Avery Hill is always a good choice for anyone looking for a variety of quality comics. The company is dedicated to helping aspiring creators reach their potential and is full of high-quality comics that fall a bit outside of the mainstream. You’re sure to find at least one book on their table that will catch your eye. Find out more about Avery Hill in our interview with co-founder Ricky Miller on PodCapers.

Beyond the Bunker

The Beyond the Bunker team will be at LSCC with all 5 issues of their hilarious comic Moon plus a wide variety of prints and posters. Stop by to pick up one of the exclusive special edition covers for Moon Issue 5 and to hear Steve Penfold‘s famous sales pitch.

Mike Garley & Martin Simmonds

Prolific comic writer Mike Garley (Samurai Slasher, The Kill Screen, Adventure Time) and artist Martin Simmonds (Death Sentence: London, Jessica Jones) will be sharing a table at LSCC to show off previews of some new books, including Simmonds’ work on Shelly Bond’s new imprint Black Crown and possibly a super-secret mystery comic (shhh!).

Outfield Press

Fans of 80s films like The Goonies or E.T. should step up to bat for Alien in the Outfieldthe debut comic from writer Jack Kirby and artist Mat Barnett. The story follows the adventures of a pre-teen alien who gets stranded on Earth. Things take a sharp turn when the hero finds he must join a little league baseball team. The book is all-ages and fun for the whole family.

Mad Robot Comics

Writer Matthew Hardy will be at LSCC with the 130-page graphic novel Last Exit to Brighton, which was successfully funded on Kickstarter earlier this year, along the first 5 issues of his comic Cadavers. Both comics have a dark, supernatural edge and are sure to entertain fans of monsters and mayhem.

Chris Sides

Writer Chris Sides is launching a new book at LSCC: Impossible a sci-fi action thriller that’s being published by Markosia. Chris will be sharing a table with Jay Martin and long-time collaborator Chris Travell.

The Gee Bees Comic

Every generation, there is a Gideon Black and a Katrina. The Gee Bees by Steven Quirke tells their stories across time and space. As “quirke”y as their creator, this title is starting to reach the levels of epicness promised in its early issues.

Joe Glass

Rounding out the diverse cast of comics on show is The Pride by Joe Glass. Featuring an all LGBTQ superhero team, they set out to represent every and save the world from injustice. Joe will be attending with the first series of The Pride and The Pride Adventures, which are collected in a limited edition hardcover. Joe has also been known to write about comics, so stop by his table for a chat and a peek at his colourful comic.

Blue Fox Comics

This small press publisher is the brainchild of husband-and-wife team Simon and Marielle Birks. They have published a wide range of comics and graphic novels, including Robyn, which puts a gender-bending spin on the classic Robin Hood story. Other titles include Sinners, Gone, and Hexes

Fitch/Baker Comics

The crazy duo of Matt Fitch and Chris Baker will be taking LSCC by storm. The team have worked on some spectacular books, including the horror/western Reddin (a must for fans of either genre) and the post-apocalyptic insanity of Last Driver. Chris will be speaking at the Emerging Creators panel at 12:15 on Sunday, and he’s really excited to talk about the work he and Matt have produced. Chris confided that he’s a bit nervous about sharing the stage with some other impressive creators, so stop by their booth beforehand to help reassure him.

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