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6 Things We Want to See in the DCEU’s Batgirl

Batgirl will finally be getting her own movie, even better that she’s getting it before Nightwing or Robin. I am wary about it, like I am with all DCEU movies at this point. Wonder Woman was amazing, but the others were not so good. I have a few things that I want to see in the movie. I am sure that many Batgirl fans would agree with me too. Right now, we don’t know who’s going to be Batgirl or any details, except the rumours that it will be based off of the New 52 Batgirl of Burnside nonsense.

6. A Story about Batgirl, not Batman

I really hope that Batman is only mentioned in passing, because I want the focus to be on Batgirl. The movie should be about Batgirl and her journey and not about Batman and his guilt. Batgirl needs to be self-sufficient, intelligent and able to work on her own. I think that was the failure of Batman: The Killing Joke animated movie. It was always a Batman and Joker story and they tried to shoehorn a Batgirl subplot in it that didn’t work.

5. References to Other Batgirls

It would be super awesome if there was some allusions or references to others Batgirls. Other Batgirls were Betty/Bette Kane, Cassandra Cain, Helena Bertinelli (the original, not the New 52 one, Stephanie Brown, or future Batgirls Nell Jones and Nissa (Batman Beyond). Even if not all of them, maybe at least, Cass and Steph, since they are the most recognized after Barbara. My secret wish is that there will be a movie about the Batgirls, plural, but alas I can only wish.

4. Nightwing and/or Robin Cameo

Nightwing was Barbara’s boyfriend and the other Robins were her friends. Rumour is that the Tim Drake Robin will be making an appearance, so there’s that, but I want to know that she’s still friends with Dick Grayson, even if they’re not dating. It would be awesome if there’s some mention of Jason Todd or even Damian Wayne. I’ll settle for Tim Drake being in the movie as Batgirls’ trusty sidekick.That would be fun, especially if it’s dorky 90s Tim and not jerkface New 52 Tim.

3. Her Relationship with Her Dad

I love the dynamic between Barbara and her dad, the Commissioner of the GCPD, Jim Gordon. As father and daughter, you can tell that they love each other and want the other to be safe. I want him to have figured out that his daughter was Batgirl, but trusted her enough to do it without interfering, much. Barbara, probably, will come to the realization about her dad’s mortality and want him to retire or at least, take it easy and let the rest of the force do the hard work. Because for a Commissioner, he’s always running gun-first into trouble

2. Dealing with the Ramifications of the Killing Joke

If they are following the New 52, it means that Barbara was Batgirl, and then shot by the Joker, then Oracle, and then miraculously healed, and Batgirl again. As much as I hate that, if they are going to do it, I want to actually see Barbara still reeling from that trauma and PTSD. I want to see her coping. Also, I want to see her not to easily get over it. Almost dying and losing the ability to walk isn’t something you can just get over, after all.

1. Competent Detective

God knows that the Batman movies never really show off the World’s Greatest Detective skills that he’s supposed to have. Batgirl/Oracle is an amazing Detective. I want Batgirl to be a crime-thriller/mystery disguised as a superhero movie. I want to see Barbara’s skills as Batgirl AND Oracle on display. I want her to be amazing at it. As much as I want to see her kickass, I want her to be a detective.

Batgirl can go any in which direction. I already have a feeling on what’s going to happen and I am probably going to be nit-picky and upset about it. Too bad Patty Jenkins isn’t directing it.

What do you want to see in Batgirl? What kind of movie do you want to see? Do you think Joss Whedon is the right choice to write the script after seeing his Wonder Woman script? Sound off in the comments or send us your thoughts on Facebook or Twitter!

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