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Top 6 Comics Debuting at Thought Bubble 2017

Thought Bubble is just days away. If you’re anything like me, you’re already planning which tables you must see over the weekend, and which comics are not to be missed.

We here are AP2HYC have spoken to several of the creators exhibiting at the convention and found some real gems that are debuting at Thought Bubble this year. Here are the 6 comics you’ll definitely want to check out (in no particular order):

6. NPC Tea Issue #3

Demons, witches, and… tea? That’s what you’ll find in Welsh artist/writer Sarah “Milmo” Millman‘s latest series NPC Tea. The story is set in modern day Cardiff, where Hannah, a student at a magic school (who can’t do any magic herself), gets a job at a tea shop run by an elf and an ex-fire summon. Hijinks – and perhaps something a bit more sinister? – ensue. The first two issues got the story off to a great start, with an intriguing mythology and strong characters (along with Millman’s own signature brand of humour). You can hear more about NPC Tea in her appearance on PodCapers and all three issues will be available at Thought Bubble.

Thought Bubble Location: Victoria Hall, Table 51
Purchase Online: Milmo Comics

5. Alien in the Outfield – Collected Edition

Fans of 80s films like The Goonies or E.T. should step up to bat for Alien in the Outfield – the debut comic from writer Jack Kirby and artist Mat Barnett. The story follows the adventures of a pre-teen alien who gets stranded on Earth. Things take a sharp turn when the hero finds he must join a little league baseball team. The all-ages book is fun for the whole family and all four issues have finally been collected into a single graphic novel, available for the first time at Thought Bubble!

Thought Bubble Location: Comixology Marquee, Table 36
More Information: Alien in the Outfield

4. Torsobear Volume 3: Back on the Blocks

Torsobear has been one of the hottest indie series to hit the scene over the last few years, and rightfully so. Featuring the work of dozens of talented writers and artists and overseen by triple-threat Brett Uren (writer, artist, and editor), Back on the Blocks tidies up the saga to crisp perfection. You’ll be able to get your hands on all three volumes at by visiting artist Jon Scrivens‘ table at Thought Bubble, who worked on all three volumes and will also have his own great comics and prints available.

Thought Bubble Location: Cookridge Street Marquee, Table 1
Purchase Online: Torsobear

3. The Wildlands Vol 2

Created by Callum Brown and Stuart BrownThe Wildlands takes readers on a journey through the seedy underbelly of a society rules by anthropomorphic beasts duking it out for survival. The strongest point of this comic without question is the art. The artwork is so pretty it makes me want to cry. Seriously, the amount of details and the skilled colouring is awe-inspiring. This is a visual comic, to the point where it could read like a beautifully illustrated picture book. Thankfully, the characters and their words are just as enticing as the artwork itself.

Thought Bubble Location:  Comixology Marquee, Table 115
More Information: The Wildlands Facebook Page

2. In Trouble #1

An unplanned pregnancy can bring about many emotions. Add the end of the world into the mix, and you have yourself the beginning to the end in the form of In Trouble. The comic is chock-full of fantastic artistry and an elaborate story. The story gravitates towards details, including an extremely detailed meet-cute of our titular pregnant hero and her beau. The black and white artwork gives off an anime vibe, aiding its offbeat design. The comic does a great job at setting up the rest of the series and also gives massive insight into each character. The comic will be available exclusively at Thought Bubble before going on sale to the general public after the Kickstarter pre-orders are filled – so if you want it, this weekend is your best chance!

Thought Bubble Location: Leeds Town Hall Marquee, Table 69
More Information: In Trouble Kickstarter Page

1. Forged #1

Forged is a quirky, fantasy adventure loaded with a colourful collection of characters and a few solid chuckles.The story dives in head first into the life of the adorable and plucky hero Peaty, a dwarf who doesn’t want to spend his life dwelling underground. Instead, he marches to the beat of his own drum and comes above ground to find his true purpose. The cartoon-ish artwork plays well into the theme of the comic. Forged will surely have readers spellbound and eagerly anticipating for the fun adventure to unfold.

Thought Bubble Location: Comixology Marquee, Table 161
Purchase Online: Ryan Jenkyns Big Cartel Store

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